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The 3 Social Media Networks That Are Best for B2B Marketing

Social media is the number one content marketing tactic used by B2B marketers as measured by the 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends-North America: Content Marketing Institute/MarketingProfs media marketing statistics That same CMI/MarketingProfs study B2B marketers are using many different social media networks, albeit to varying degrees.You don’t have to be on every social media network.Instead, B2B marketers should strive to have a solid social media presence on a few networks instead of a weak presence on many. As B2B marketers increasingly adopt the use of social media, it's easy to be overwhelmed by all the different networks. This can lead to a tendency to overextend your brand on too many networks. The problem in trying to have a presence on too many social media networks is that it stretches the resources of your marketing team. It can also prevent you from having a meaningful (i.e. effective) social media presence. As a result some companies end up having a social media presence that is a “mile wide and an inch deep.” If you only use one social media network, make it this one. LinkedIn currently has 260 million users in 200 countries (and in 20 languages).The greatest benefit of LinkedIn is its ability to make contacts and build relationships. And the key to a successful presence on LinkedIn is providing valuable support and information to your connections and Groups.LinkedIn also enables executives and companies to build their brands and establish thought leadership. LinkedIn Groups is where most of this happens. There are over one million LinkedIn groups, some with a very narrow industry focus, including your own. The best networking happens in the context of comments and status engagement.
But the most appealing feature of LinkedIn, especially in B2B sales, is the ability to find out most everything on a professional level about a target prospect. top social media marketing companies And, you can determine if there’s an opportunity for a warm introduction through one of your connections. At that point, you will want to take the conversation from LinkedIn to an offline, person-to-person interaction. From a marketing standpoint, LinkedIn allows you to run advertising that can be extremely targeted by location, industry, title, company and other demographics. With over 540 million active users, Google+ is larger than LinkedIn and Twitter. And while it cannot currently match the networking strengths of LinkedIn, from a search engine ranking standpoint, you really can’t afford not to have a Google+ presence.It’s sometimes easier to think of Google+ not as a social network, but as a social layer. When your content is published on Google+ it can rank higher as the content is fed into the personal search results of your Google+ circles. And images and video can gain even higher exposure.Google+ has also become instrumental to Google in verifying content authorship. When you are a known quantity to the search engine (via the rel=”author” feature), it can further increase your visibility in search engines.And on Google+ you can have a business page, too. This allows people to follow and engage with your business, which creates opportunities for relationship building.Think of Twitter as an enormous cocktail party where you may listen in on others’ conversations. That can include thought leaders in your industry, your prospects and even your competitors.
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Social Media for Real Estate Agents

Realtors are some of the best marketers in an offline person-to-person environment. You’re incredibly brilliant at getting to know your clients on a very personal level, getting involved in your community,social media marketing training and connecting with your local market.What you’re not very good at is applying this to your social media.(Well, most of you aren’t!).The best real estate marketers think of social online like they do social offline! In this article I’ll give you an overview of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (and a few more) and how real estate agents can use them for social media marketing.Don’t use your personal Facebook account for your real estate services. Why? It lacks professionalism, and you miss out on a lot of essential business features (such as the ability to run Facebook contests, and check your Facebook Insights). It’s really easy to make a Facebook Page, and it’s worth the effort.Show off your listings’ neighbourhood. This both markets your area to prospective residents, and it also shows your passion and knowledge of where you are selling homes. For example, If there is a new community centre being built, post about it, and express the merits and how it will make the lifestyle better for new (and existing) residents. Images on Facebookare the most engaging types of content. The more Likes, shares and comments your posts get, the more they will be viewed in News Feeds by the friends of your Facebook Fans (people who Like your Page).Social media provides a way to further connect with your local clients and groups and boost your real estate marketing efforts. Social can build trust, and spread your marketing through friends of friends.
Show how wonderful your city culture is. Post about local events in your town. If you’re going to a neighbourly event, tell your Fans, and invite them to join you. social media marketing classes Ask questions, too, to spark engagement.Check out how Polygon Homes uses this tactic on their Facebook Page. They engage with their market (Vancouver) and show off the amazing events you could go to if you lived in this city. They ask a question, too, to get more comments and create a friendly tone. You do this in person, so show you care about your clients on your Facebook Page too.Check out how Realtors Marni and Shannon elegantly welcome new homeowners on possession day. The post is visually appealing, and subtle (by not mentioning names). The new clients know who they are, and it shows prospective homebuyers that you genuinely care and follow up.Contests and Sweepstakes provide an amazing way to create more engagement on your Page, and have fun with your Fans. You can use all kinds of contests to develop deeper relationships with your clients, get to know their likes and dislikes, and promote yourself as a realtor who listens. You can even use them as a way to market your listings, too!On Facebook, you need to use a third party app to run contests and sweepstakes. Here’s my bias - Wishpond makes incredibly simple to use Facebook contest apps, and we give you a comprehensive social contact database too - for your email lists.For example, run a Vote Contest to ask your Fans what photo they like best from your latest listing.

Statistics and facts about Social Media Marketing

You can build Twitter lists (which can be public or private) of people you want to follow. And it does not require that they follow you back. social media marketing news Lists enable you to filter out all the tweets from your main news feed and focus just on a particular subset. For instance you can build a list of reporters who cover your industry. If they ask a question or need some help, you can respond, help them and be on your way to building a relationship. The same goes for lists of your prospects.Similarly, on Twitter you can search for mentions of your company or key industry or competitive terms. When someone tweets a question or has a problem, you can respond and help them or otherwise engage in the conversation.Certainly, there are other networks that make business sense for B2B marketers. But until you have these first three nailed, remember that it’s more effective to have a strong presence on a few networks than a weak presence on many.Or, run a Photo Contest on your Page. You can use photo contests to get more images of a new listing, to follow up with clients who’ve recently renovated, or to get photos of your neighbourhood, etc.Yes, use Facebook to post your listings, too. The golden rule in social media is 80/20. That is - post 80% of your content about lifestyles, customer interests, and other updates; post 20% of your content about you and your product. This keeps your social media social, and engaging.When you post your listings, keep the personality of you and your Facebook Page. This is not a print ad. Tell about the home, and what points will sell it. Tell how many bedrooms and bath. Tell the address. Tell the price. But keep it engaging.
Ask questions about your new place, to get comments about what people like about it, what they like about the neighbourhood, or comments about the schools and community facilities. social media marketing network Post about your Open Houses, too. Facebook lets you target your ads very specifically. You can use promoted posts, for example, to get your great Facebook posts seen by other Facebookers in your geographic target market.Twitter is another amazing way to keep connected to your clients. Twitter gives you 140 characters (or less), to give updates to your Followers. Use it to engage, and keep strengthening your relationships.Help out your clients (and yourself), by teaching them how to stage their home for better sales. Post links to good articles and videos on how to present a residence when you’re selling it. Twitter tends to be a great place for news. If there’s a new school being built in your area - tweet about it. Good news stories to show how great your neighbourhood is - and how well you know it.On Twitter, using hashtags gets your Tweets seen by more than your Followers. Use relevant and specific s to get found by those looking for your subject matter. Here’s an example of how to use hashtags for a local geographic neighbourhood. The BOTTO Team uses parkgate, deepcove and seymour. Their tweet will be found in these category listings when someone sees these hashtags feeds, or does a Twitter search for them.Tweet about local events you support. Show you are connected and trustworthy, and care about your community. Twitter lets you send tweets to specific people. Aside from using the Direct Messages, send out a Tweet to congratulate a new home owner, or to thank a local merchant for assisting you, etc.

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