Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Content-Marketing Hacks Using Social-Media Data

Social-media marketing and content marketing are two of the best ways for advertisers to get a message across. But they can be even better together, especially when marketing content leans heavily on social media data. social media marketing jobs In the current media landscape, marketing decisions must be based and validated by data. But this data can be used for more than just informing future decision making. Utilizing social media marketing data in your content marketing efforts can provide a fresh and creative twist to online advertising.Social media gives leaders the power to greatly increase this level of engagement by really listening to the voices of stakeholders, then taking tangible actions based on those suggestions. Crowdsourcing also provides a constructive way to glean deep insights from the collective knowledge of an entire group, not just from an insulated leadership team.These important benefits make up the intrinsic value of being a social CEO, while raising serious doubts about any laggards who continue to shun social media. Which type of leader would you rather work for, or put another way, which type of leader would you like to become?Live-tweet and apply a consistent personality, so that people will want to hear the highlights from you specifically. Your personality allows people with similar traits to connect with you. Embrace that. By providing a consistent live-stream of content, people will look to you as a leader who can translate all the ins and outs of the event.When you connect with your audience on an individual basis, you can make each message more personal to instill a deeper, longer lasting connection.Twitter polls are not only a social media and marketing great way to engage with your followers and get immediate feedback, but they also represent an opportunity to create great content. When SAP conducted a twitter poll about self-driving cars using their social media analytics solution, they were able to cover the results in a Forbes article (which also serves as an example of native advertising for those keeping track).
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Promote Yourself With a Data-Driven Blog Post

Buffer, the social media sharing startup, is well known for its exceptionally active blog. A recent blog post in conjunction with CoSchedule analyzed the impact that various social media headline tactics and had on traffic. social media marketing agency By diving into the data and creating a piece of useful and shareable content, Buffer and CoSchedule were able to both demonstrate product effectiveness and create publicity.It’s only a matter of time before your audience’s phones or devices run out of battery. To keep them engaging back with you in real-time, make it easy for them to charge their devices. That is a helpful show of gratitude for their participation.On the flip side, not providing something as simple as a charging station will leave your audience hanging. At that point, the possibility for engagement is over and feelings can shift. It’s a simple tip, but it gets your audience back to the social conversation faster and keeps them excited and focused on participation.Don’t forget that your hashtag can live outside the digital world! Besides sharing on social networks and your event website, you should be printing it on your banners, including it in the registration process, placing it on stickers in strategic places (even the mirrors in the bathroom work!), and much more.Twitter poll results can also easily lend themselves to simple charts and graphs, which can be crafted into microcontent for use all over the web.Instagram provides a simplistic user experience but provides vast amounts of data regarding users and content generated. When used correctly, this date gives brands the opportunity to leverage key metrics in support of their campaigns. social media marketing company By implementing Instagram’s data in analytical tools, the brand’s position is elevated, not only supporting their campaign direction but driving metrics around brand awareness, purchase intent, sentiment and so forth. These are all essential factors when proving ROI, an extremely difficult task in the social space, especially Instagram.

Take Advantage of Automated Visual Content

Want to create an infographic based around social media data but short on time? Visually’s create tools offer a variety of ways to plug in social media accounts and get a slick-looking infographic in seconds.social media marketing plan template Twitterize Yourself creates an infographic based on the content of your tweets, and Twitter Showdown pits two accounts against each other across a variety of metrics.According to the Brandfog survey, 83 percent of senior leaders think CEOs who actively participate in social media can build better connections with their customers, employees and investors.Verbal reminders also help to keep the flow of conversation. Hosts and panelists should remind your audience members before each session. There are tons of offline ways to remind your audience and encourage less socially-savvy members to join for the first time. Don’t leave out the people who may have missed the digital memo.Using social media to stand out at events is the same as socializing in person. To be truly in the moment, you need to make it less about you, and more about the common experience. When you can connect in a meaningful and fun way, people will respond. Real and powerful engagement is that simple.In a fast-paced world where social media is the driver for audience and consumer movement, Instagram continues to provide newfound opportunities. The three core elements of driving Instagram success for brands are humanizing the content, utilizing influencers and gaining powerful analytics. As brands grow in their understanding for these three invaluable elements, so will their social value and long-term growth.With a predicted growth of 8 percent as compared with last year, social media marketing world according to Prosper Spending Score, the 2014 U.S. holiday shopping season has begun. Many companies bank on the success of sales from November and December to wrap up their fiscal years on a profitable note, with Prosper estimating this year will be a $650 billion holiday retail season. Although Facebook and Twitter recently announced built-in commerce options, they’re being tested only by a handful of companies.

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