Tuesday, 12 January 2016

With the Arrival of Twitter's 'Buy' Button, Is It Time to Move Into Social Commerce

Following pressure on social platforms to demonstrate their validity as powerful sales channels, Twitter recently started testing its "Buy" button. The button, which is embedded in tweets, lets users make purchases directly on Twitter and through its mobile app. social media marketing chicago Rather than users being redirected to a retail site, Twitter’s “Buy” button provides the ultimate one-stop social-media shop.Twitter now joins other companies like Facebook that are trying to prove that a return on investment can be achieved through social commerce. Social media has widely been known as a tool for building brand awareness and as a display-marketing vehicle rather than a social commerce platform, but companies like Facebook and Twitter are trying to change that perception. Previously, social-media tactics and results were measured by soft metrics such as increasing impressions and click-throughs, but the return on investment has been low or confusing. A Forrester report in 2011 found that 62 percent of retailers described the ROI from social commerce as “unclear.” With the “Buy” buttons, Facebook and Twitter are elevating the focus on ROI by targeting the most important metric: the number of people who purchase the products. Social commerce is evolving to meet companies’ needs but, as with any emerging technology, caution must be part of any social-commerce program.Attorney turned entrepreneur Karen Kart of San Diego thought studying for the New York Bar exam was tough. Now it's her Kickstarter campaign for her Adi the stay-put-plate invention that's challenging her to the max. “I’ve been prepping for about a year now and working around the clock for the past six months," she says.A mother of three, social media brand marketing she rises at 4 a.m. to work on her campaign before her children wake. She creates a priority list of everything that must get done that day and what she needs to delegate to her support team.When I asked her during a recent phone interview about the most time-consuming parts of the crowdfunding campaign, she admitted it's the writing. “It took me a lot longer to write copy than I ever expected," she says.
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Be consistent in messaging. Don't overwhelm customers

Establish a centralized strategy: Approach customers across Twitter, Facebook, email and more just not at the same time. Test the waters gently to not alienate loyal and revenue-driving customers. cost of social media marketing Take a page from successful email-marketing campaigns by segmenting the market and testing. See what works and act accordingly. You don’t have to be Coca Cola to attack the projected $30 billion social-commerce market. Follow the rules above so that a social-commerce campaign is not confused with spam: Capitalize on posts and tweets, and have the social commerce world at your feet."I’m a lawyer so I had to learn to write differently from how I was trained as I never wrote a press release before. But it helped me sharpen my focus on the features and benefits of my product."Likewise Olive Branch, Miss.-based Cedric Burnside has found his current Kickstarter campaign to release a blues CD has taken a lot of time and preparation for him and his team. The biggest challenge was devising compelling rewards to appeal to everybody. "When you are running a campaign for a musician, it's tough," Burnside wrote in an email. "All we could think of was giving away music. Luckily we got creative and added a house party for $5,000. We had a contributor pledge at that level and it financed [two-thirds] of our campaign.If you’re not in front of your computer, sweating, your heart beating wildly, up until the very last minute of the campaign, you probably weren’t as invested as you should have been, and you probably didn’t do it right," said Los Angeles-based Gregor Collins who worked on a Kickstarter campaign for a film he was in called Goodbye Promise.You have to spend six months to a year building your audience through social media if you’re going to make full use of your campaign," Collins explained in a phone interview. define social media marketing "It’s about building an audience and genuinely connecting with people on a personal level, who will be your 'customers' for life and who will spread the word to their friends. If your goal is just finding people with money jangling around in their pockets, you’re missing the point of crowdfunding.

Align email marketing and social media

Typically, email is associated with the sales and marketing functions, and social media resides in the marketing-communications camp. These two areas should align to ensure consistent communications and coordinated campaigns. social media marketing plan pdf Take Mondays for example: The marketing and sales teams know that Mondays are the best day to make sales, so the social-media team shouldn’t contradict this sentiment by posting a cat GIF that says, “I hate Mondays” no matter how cute it it may seem.Along with emailing bloggers and media outlets and answering inquiries from backers, Kart meets twice weekly with her team: a campaign manager (recruited after hearing Kart speak about her product at a local mompreneur group) and three college interns.They discuss marketing strategies, do outreach via social media, create Facebook ads and review campaign traffic analytics. They're on the Kickstarter page each day to post campaign updates and be sure every single backer receives a personalized thank you.As is the case for most project creators, Kart was surprised by those who supported her dream and those who did not. “I’m touched by people’s generosity, especially those I know who are living paycheck to paycheck and still chose to pledge," she says. "On the flip side, I was surprised that a few people who have the financial means and who know I’ve put everything I have into this project have either not pledged or only pledged a small amount even though I’ve supported their projects in the past.Giving them the benefit of the doubt, she adds, “I’m only a couple weeks into my campaign so there’s still time for them to join the crowd!Finding that friends don't come forward -- or give at the level expected social media marketing best practices is a common experience and one for which project creators need to emotionally prepare. Some people are simply against the idea of soliciting for funds. But many people just need to be educated about crowdfunding. They don’t fully grasp the concept or know how to pledge.

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