Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Personal Branding Doesn't Mean Just Fixing Your LinkedIn Presence

Now everyone is free to muse on professional matters through LinkedIn’s blogging platform. Make sure that your personal branding efforts shine and are memorable. Don't limit yourself to just one platform.social media marketing training Too many CEOs and executives (and their PR handlers) think that if they have a great LinkedIn profile and are active on the site, their job of marketing themselves is done.That's wrong. Businesspeople can promote themselves in smart, creative ways beyond LinkedIn, both online and in person.There are some good people on the brand team at Taco Bell, and many of them credit marketing exec Tressie Lieberman with leading the charge in the social space.When she first arrived at the team from another division within the Yum Brands family, Lieberman said she felt that its social stance and brand voice was too sales-y. Her new approach was to humanize the brand and start connecting.After all, Taco Bell's "peeps" are teenagers and those who love fourth meal, so she set out to hang out with them and be friends. The new direction was a 180-degree turnaround. And Taco Bell's new brand personality didn't stop with fans. With twitter conversations like the now-famous one below, Lieberman and team proved they get social and are doing a lot of things right.Taco Bell is making great efforts to connect with Youtube visitors and the video-creator community through various activities, original content and collaboration. It seems to have a regular video-content strategy and are sponsoring things such as a documentary with Bethany Mota.Ever notice how once you google something or email someone about anything, social media marketing classes a stream of ads related to similar subjects pops up almost immediately? Doesn’t it seem like a ghost is just sitting there on your handheld device? For a boomer like me, it reminds me of my high school English class when I read George Orwell and thought, “No way!”Every time I open Facebook on my iPhone 5C, the apps suggested for me to download relate to the same sites I just looked at moments earlier.
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Optimize speaking engagements

If you land a speaking engagement at a conference, make the most of it. Find out if the event is being filmed, ask for the footage and use it to create a show reel -- to use for pitching more speaking gigs. social media marketing news Offer to work with the event's organizers on articles or interviews in advance that will increase your reach. Note the event's hashtag and use it to engage with people on social media. Inquire whether if any members of the press will be attending and contact them to offer them a briefing about your company.You might be scheduled for only a 30-minute talk or panel, but you have an opportunity to squeeze way more of a return on the investment of yourtime onstage. Be thoughtful about optimizing and amplifying your presence before, during and after the show.And the Facebook prompts suggesting people whom I might know? Some of these friend referrals are for people I don’t like, havn't spoken with for 30 years for a reason or distant relatives with whom I have nothing in common. If Mark Zuckerberg is such a genius, doesn’t he know that nowadays people are very easy to locate?Those Facebook ads offering free shipping and returns and a 20 percent discount? Seriously, how many people at my age can really buy shoes without trying them on? As a 50-plus woman with a lifelong shoe fetish, I've ordered plenty of shoes online. Having returned about seven pairs of shoes in the past two or three years, I have finally realized I cannot purchase shoes online.This is caused by Facebook's ad retargeting achieved through the cookies data stored when the user browses other sites. The solution to this? Think before googling: When browsing another web site (not Facebook) social media marketing network use Google Chrome's incognito mode or Safari's or Firefox's private browsing. Spam in the email box is something most people are hard pressed to control. It comes from all over the world. Strengthen the spam filter in your email program or just delete the emails.But what about those darn ads that crop up online when using a web browser associated with an email service such as Google's Chrome browser is with Gmail?

Divide up your social media time

My strategy for online personal branding is to use a 60/40 rule. Sixty percent of my social-media updates are professional and 40 percent are personal in some way. This ensures my followers and potential connections get marketing through social media to know a little about me beyond just my work-related thoughts and opinions.Sharing my love of cricket and real ale and regularly talking about the trials and tribulations of being a parent to two young daughters adds a bit of color. These details might serve as positive conversation starters when I meet someone in person. Find something natural from your downtime to talk about or share on social media. Many people worry that their followers might not want to hear personal details, but the lines between work and play have blurred over the last 10 years, thanks to digital media, and you’ll be completing the circle of personal branding by giving your posts a human touch.For example, as a China product safety and sourcing specialist, I often google websites for info on a new Chinese supplier. The next thing I know, I'm bombarded with offers for products such as recycled tires, head lamps and other items I would never have the need to import -- all courtesy of Big Brother. Enough already with those ads for strapless, pure white wedding gowns! Yes, I’m getting married in November. And no, it’s not the first time so I’m planning to wear red and three-quarter length sleeves. And no, I do not need a minister and definitely not a limo. And I'm through with those ads showing hemorrhoid cream or the latest way to lose belly fat. Hey, I can watch TV for those. social media marketing certification The solution? Try creating an entirely different email account to use when web searching and visiting shopping sites. Use a different email address for sending emails to shopping sites or to respond to product ads. Maybe, but don’t give up: Deleting all email accounts altogether will unfortunately land you back in the Stone Age. And worse you’ll be the brunt of jokes from your kids at future family gatherings.

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