Tuesday, 12 January 2016

How Facebook Is About to Get More Like YouTube

YouTube’s not the only big name in the viral video game. Facebook says it's crushing it in video sharing, too, to the tune of more than 1 billion video views per day on average.And, to further up its cascading video engagement cred, social media marketing firm the social media mammoth today announced that it's rolling out a set of new YouTube-like features this week -- view counts for videos from public figures and Pages, and related video suggestions that will appear after videos are watched.For the average user, the addition of public video view totals might not sound like anything to write home about, but it’s welcome news for metrics-happy, ROI-obsessed brands and marketers. The tallies will enable them to quickly size up how well a video is performing, along with what’s hot and what’s not content-wise. The fresh features are also geared to help Facebook users more easily discover emerging and popular video content.In teasing the new duo of basic but useful YouTube copycat features -- expected to debut after today -- Facebook crowed that its video views have grown more than 50 percent from May through July, pumped up in part due to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge soaking everyone’s news feeds, according to TechCrunch. Facebook also said that more than 65 percent of its video views pour in via mobile, a platform the social powerhouse is increasingly more focused on.Facebook also announced today that it will allow video publishers to add a “call-to-action” tool that will invite viewers to visit a specific website or to “learn more or make a purchase” after a video is done playing. social media marketing firms Page creators will also be privy to a more robust set of metrics designed to help them better reach their target audiences, including analytics on how long viewers watch videos before clicking away from them and how many unique views each video earns.Sure, Facebook’s averaging some 1 billion-plus videos view per day isn’t bad. The boom represents some relatively strong growth overall, but it’s not exactly astounding when compared to YouTube.
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Information is not enough to make your content work

Frequently, an inbound-marketing strategy depends on building a perception of authority around your business. For this reason, providing meaningful factoids and insider tips can seem like the way to go.According to Clark, social media marketing books this couldn’t be further from the truth. Information is just the tip of the iceberg. The rest involves optimizing, promoting, engaging, monitoring and iterating to optimize that information into a vehicle for your business.It may sound like hyperbole to say that information must be “irreplaceable,” but when one considers that the top result on Google receives 33 percent of clicks, one thing is clear: your content has to be a definitive resource.In Pulizzi’s eyes, shooting for irreplaceability is the best way to assert your content as a go-to now and for the foreseeable future.You’re running a business, and your business depends on funneling impressions into leads, and then into conversions. While your well-crafted piece of prose may spur a few head nods, it is only truly great if it is sufficiently inspiring as to motivate email signups, purchases or product demos that ultimately help your business convert.According to the Aberdeen Group, only 32 percent of marketers said they feel that they are effectively executing enough content. That means that over two-thirds of all marketers are missing the mark on basic content execution. If your content marketing isn't working, this is probably a good place to start.Check your past two or more months of posts and note the day of the week and time of publication. Also, read these pieces and answer honestly: Is each one of consistent quality? If you're publishing at an inconsistent rate, social media in marketing audiences may be turned off by that unreliability. If the quality is inconsistent, you may be losing audience members to subpar content.Digital media is about carefully curating work that yields organic traffic as users return to it. At least, that's half the story. The other half involves creating relevant, topical hits that foster link building/discussion and raise SEO rankings in the process.

Seek and tap your sources of inspiration

Halligan takes naps during the day. Why? Because that’s when he comes up with his best ideas.At first blush, this may sound more like CEO quirkiness than strategy, but it touches on something very important. small business social media marketing Put yourself wherever inspiration arises. Becoming the best in your industry through fantastic content means pulling out all the stops, and if that means naps, trips to the library or standing on your head, then so be it.As new technologies, trends and practices emerge, people want to learn about them right away. Keep an eye out for emerging issues in your industry and capitalize on them. Doing so can garner more hits in the near term by tapping an uptick in organic search. It can also establish your content as an authoritative reference on the subject and earn inbound links that boost search rankings for future discovery.Suffice to say that if you're late to the party, you're going to get lost in the shuffle. Note the timing on content relative to the initial buzz of the related topic and see if you're being reactive instead of proactive.When things are going well, it's easy to identify your strengths. When things are going poorly, it can be difficult and even painful to assess your weaknesses, particularly when those weaknesses cause you to fall behind your competitors.However, your competitors can teach you more than you realize. Inbound marketing is a complex endeavor, working best when each contributing piece is performed in an optimal manner. Each team sees the process in a different way, executing some pieces better than others and offering insight into improving your own execution. When your numbers are down, check your ego at the door and learn something from those social media marketing plan sample who are objectively performing well.When your efforts aren't yielding the results you need, asking targeted questions that get to the root of your execution problems can turn things around and improve your long-term prospects. Focus on consistently delivering relevant content in a manner that reaches your audience and don't be afraid to tap your competitors for some valuable knowledge.

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