Monday, 11 January 2016

Ideal workplace practices to follow in 2016

A happy workplace is a huge asset. In such places, something happens that transcends policies and practices. It isn’t what the companies are doing; it is how their leaders are doing it. using social media for marketing Best workplace practices include the day to day relationships that the employees experience, and not a checklist of policies, programmes and benefits.People get frustrated and demotivated when they don’t know exactly what is expected of them. It starts with the CEO, and is important for every level of leadership in a business.Last fall Alamo Drafthouse signed on as one of the inaugural partners supporting Facebook Deals, which offers bargains and coupons to consumers who check in at physical locations like retail stores and restaurants via their smartphones. Facebook Deals partners can offer coupons, loyalty programs, premiums and other promotions: Alamo Drafthouse awarded a limited-edition pint glass to anyone checking in across the chain. League produced 10,000 pint glasses in all, and patrons claimed the entire run in about two weeks.We've dabbled with [location-based mobile social networks] Gowalla and Foursquare, but those services are about rewarding über-customers," League says. "The Facebook Deals concept enables us to reward anyone who comes into the theater. It's more inclusive, and it incentivizes people to give us a shot for the first time.Facebook Deals is a natural extension of existing consumer behaviors, League says. "Our customers are already checking in when they go places. It's an easy way to post an update about something you're doing.As anyone who follows the movie industry knows, when something is a success, a sequel is inevitable. social media marketing strategies League says Alamo Drafthouse is already plotting the details of its next Facebook Deals promotion.A good deal has to be meaningful, and something people want--you also have to have an established Facebook presence to get the word out," League says. "It may not be right for everybody, but it's a cool tool. And if it's executed properly, then it's a great tool.
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Give People The Opportunity To Use Their Skills

Frustration and boredom are counterproductive so you need to align jobs with people with the right skills. Uncover the special skills people could be using, and experiment with projects and roles to get the alignment right. social media marketing manager You need to recognise talent and use it. If a person is recruited for a role and then not given the opportunity to use their skills, they will not deliver their best work and may leave.There are many workplaces where managers don’t care about their people and make no effort to show interest. This is bad word of mouth. One should know about their staff: what is happening in their lives, what motivates them, and offering assistance when they are overloaded.Involving people, asking their opinions and listening to their advice and feedback makes a huge difference to them and will provide an environment that is open to innovation and improvements.Anna Strahs didn't follow the usual recipe for small-business success. About three years ago, Strahs was diagnosed with Celiac disease, an intestinal disorder triggered by the body's reaction to gliadin, a gluten protein found solely in wheat. Effective Celiac treatment demands that sufferers adhere to a gluten-free diet, but Strahs, who was working for a Richmond, Va.-based IT recruiting firm, found few local merchants and restaurants catering to her specific needs.Here in Richmond there's a concentration of hip local businesses, but there's a real absence of healthy alternatives," she says. "At first I started baking to feed myself, but soon I realized other people needed this, too. So I left my job and started a baking business in my apartment.That business, annaB's Gluten Free Bakery, marketing with social media quickly outgrew the confines of Strahs' home and now encompasses production facilities in Richmond and nearby Williamsburg. Its menu crosses over into corn-free, nut-free and dairy-free alternatives as well.Strahs launched the annaB's Facebook page when she started the company, posting photos and notes to keep customers updated on her progress. Now she tweaks the product line and introduces new recipes in response to Facebook user comments and requests.

Encourage Feedback and Recognition

Managers are leaders without the title, so being open to feedback, and giving positive and constructive feedback is a great way to establish an honest open feedback culture. social media marketing softwareEncourage day-to-day feedback discussions and the establishment of recognition systems.Everyone needs a downtime from work. This could be a casual day, afternoon break with a difference like culturally focused food, trivia competitions, team outing, etc. You need to find a way to build this in as a regular part of your workplace.Facebook is a great way to receive direct feedback on what people like," Strahs says. "That helps guide us to what we do next.In late 2010, Strahs invested $25 to roll out her first Facebook Ads campaign, targeting local users whose profiles indicated their interest in gluten-free lifestyles, veganism, running and other health-conscious subjects.Facebook Ads allows you to limit exactly how much you spend," she says. "Each click averaged 43 cents, and we got 50 clicks almost immediately. We also started getting calls and orders.Facebook, Strahs says, offers its merchant partners sample ads, suggests effective call-to-action tools and supplies metrics and customer support to simplify the promotional process. "They make it easy," she says. "You're only paying for what people click on.While some consumer advocates have criticized Facebook's approach to privacy and its push to make user information more public, Strahs says that advertisers have no direct access to customer data. Targeted marketing is instead based exclusively on information and interests identified on the user's public profile, with all targeting done anonymously within the ad serving system. how to use social media for marketing Advertisers interact directly with users only in the event that a consumer decides to respond to their pitch.Facebook enables me to narrow down the search for potential customers that have given me permission to target them," Strahs says. "My ad is one of many advertisements on the side of your Facebook profile. If you don't like it, click the 'x' and you won't get ads from me anymore.

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