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Tips for Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

In today's mobile first, social media obsessed world, many people would rather text or email someone than call them. Most people also prefer to get their news and other information online. social media marketing certification The same goes for customer service -- especially over social media.It started off as people going online to vent frustrations about bad service, canceled flights or products that they weren't happy with. But some savvy brands have realized that good can come from interacting with people who post complaints online. Every negative comment or customer service issue posted online is an amazing opportunity to wow people, provide incredible customer service and win new customers.Using social media as a customer service tool, and turning dissenters into advocates in a public way, can be fast, easy and accountable. As a consumer, you get heard by everyone and receive rapid service. As a brand, you can prove you care, go the extra mile and that you are listening. Before long, managing customer service over social media is going to become the standard expectation.Having defined the goals, how are you going to achieve them? What specifically do you want to do? An action plan must have specific concrete steps that need to be taken. For social media, that would be actions like setting up accounts, developing graphics for the different pages, defining what kinds of updates should be done, on which platform, and others. How many tweets are required? How many are too many? Do you post the same thing exactly on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn? What kind of content gets liked or retweeted? What's supposed to happen?Since Google can divert the river and owns the playing field, you may find it hard to avoid Google+. Sign up for a Google account that enables you to use all the Google products. Keep your name simple, social media marketing consultant which will make it easier for people to remember you and find your Google+ post.The next step is to find people to "circle." When you've circled approximately 50 people, Google+ gets really interesting. This process will only take a few minutes but will yield many hours of enlightenment, engagement, and enjoyment.
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Let the customer know who they are engaging with

Humanize the experience by letting the customer know he or she is speaking with a real person. social media marketing ideas For example, "We are very sorry to hear about your experience. We will do whatever we can to help you. -- Scott L." Customers usually appreciate knowing they're dealing with a person who has a name, rather than a mystery person who's sending automated messages.Committees, groups, and meetings don't actually do anything for a real business. It takes people. So an action plan includes very clearly defined tasks and responsibilities. Who does what? Make that explicit. Beware of the dangers of having multiple people involved in a solution, without any one person committed to doing something. Develop commitment, not just involvement. Compare the role of the pig to the role of the chicken in the classic bacon-and-egg breakfast: The chicken is involved, the pig is committed.The social-media action plan should define who's doing what. Is it one person on Twitter and another on Facebook? Is one gathering and curating content and another watching complaints? Who does the messaging? Who develops blog posts? Spell it out.Google+ provides multiple options to get started. First, you can click on "Find people" to search for people you already know. Don't be disappointed if all your BFFs (best friends for life) aren't already on Google+; this is a chance to make new BFFs.Second, you can click on categories of people, such as "Entertainment" or "Fun & Interesting." Google compiled a list of "Picks" based on the fame and level of activity of the people. You can add these entire preselected circles or individual people.This will show if the person is active on Google+. social media marketing packages There's no sense following someone who isn't active because the purpose of circling a person is to generate interaction.People who share posts that generate more than 10 shares and more than 10 comments tend to be interesting.An easy way to check out a person is to use Chrome, Google's browser, and install a Chrome browser extension called "CircleCount."

Reply in a friendly and helpful manner

Let the customer know you are concerned and will do everything you can to help them. social media marketing proposal This is an opportunity to not only help someone but to win additional customers.And remember, never be aggressive, dismissive or mean. And don't try to hide or manipulate the issue. Social media is a public forum so everything you post can be seen by anyone.As the plan gets going, and business gets going, how will you know if your plan is even working? How will you judge performance? How will you compare your plan to your actual results in order to review and revise your plan?All of that takes establishing the measurement -- the numbers -- as you develop your plan. Don't worry about guessing the future correctly, because nobody does. Just make the assumptions logical and the guesses numerical, so you can test them when you're underway, and revise them as results come. Standard numbers for measuring social media could be traffic generated, tweets, updates, likes, retweets, increase in sales, orders for special deals, or even the interesting social-media measurements like Klout or peer index that combine numbers into theoretical measurement of influence or impact.The lack of a profile photo indicates that the person is clueless, a newbie, or a spammer. When there is a photo, you can infer a lot about the person. Lots of followers doesn't necessarily mean the person is worth circling, but it's a pretty good data point. There's usually a bad reason someone only has a handful of followers. Then, when you mouse-over a person's name, you'll see the follower history and the average number of shares and comments.Now that you've circled a few people, social media marketing for dummies it's time to explore how to navigate Google+. The nine buttons in the vertical navigation ribbon on the left side of the page are the primary ways to navigate Google+ itself. On Google+, home is where the "stream" is. This button displays your "stream" of what the people you follow have posted. Think of Home as your "news feed."

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