Monday, 11 January 2016

New Tools Make it Easier to Build a Facebook Fan Page

There's nothing tiny about the power of a short stack--or of the DIY Facebook page builder ShortStack. Both the pancake order and its namesake company deliver results that won't devour your budget. social media marketing firm The programmers behind ShortStack specialized in building Facebook apps before deciding to focus on a DIY service for business users. "We saw an opportunity for Joe from Joe's Pizza to use this thing and make himself his own Facebook page," says Jim Belosic, ShortStack's CEO and co-founder. "It's kind of like WordPress for Facebook. "Graphic designer John Kwon started using the tool when it was in its beta version last October. While he had little coding experience, within a month he was able to start developing Facebook pages for his clients--a service that's added 30 percent to the annual revenue of his Lomita, Calif.-based social media branding, design and marketing firm, Social Mediarts."It's even brought in clients who are social media marketers themselves," he says. "We do the design and hand it off to them to run with. This is something I never would have been able to offer."ShortStack users can develop an unlimited number of custom tabs with themed content and, with more than two dozen widgets on tap, add Flash content, Google Maps, polls and product suggestions. Businesses can also offer browsers extra incentive to "like" their page by serving up just-for-fans content once they click on through. Because the ShortStack team is completely focused on all things Facebook, they also keep up-to-date on the latest terms of service, making it easy to launch a contest or sweepstakes that won't get Facebook staffers' knickers in a twist. Contest information is not submitted to Facebook, social media marketing firms but to the sponsoring company via the form, and notifications must be made outside of Facebook's communication channels. ShortStack also allows users to program content to refresh pages regularly. While ShortStack counts major brands including Volvo and Samsung among its clients, the service's easy-to-use interface and low price were designed to attract smaller businesses, Belosic says.
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Three-Screen Marketing

In 2012 and beyond, expect attention to your advertising to shift as people in front of televisions frequently -- and simultaneously -- reach for two additional screens: tablets and smartphones. social media marketing books Next year, advertise on television screens and invite viewers to pick up one of the other two screens to get involved in your promotion. Advertise on the portable tablet screen with emails, videos and social media. And advertise on the mobile phone screen using loyalty apps that track purchases or promotions that involve the phone at the physical point of sale.That community has grown with him from Loveline to The Man Show and Crank Yankers. When his syndicated daily radio show ended in 2009, he stumbled into the podcasting world and relaunched The Adam Carolla Show. Since then, his audience has only grown larger -- pushing his podcast to No. 1 in the world with more than 70 million downloads last year. His fans also helped him win 2011's Guinness World Record for Most Downloaded Podcast in the World.How does the on-air personality and entrepreneur keep people engaged and wanting more? Here's his advice: "Post content regularly.""I try and always do a podcast five times a week," Carolla told me. "I've never really broken this down before, but, in movies, you almost have no connection to fans. And if you do TV, you're kind of connected, but they know you as the TV name not your real name. If you do radio, there's more of a bond there. And then if you do a podcast it's like you're literally inside of your fans."If you can, within your company's policies and within reason, do what the customer says will make him or her happy, do it. social media in marketing We understand there will be instances when a customer request is either beyond your individual power to enact or is just unreasonable. But putting out the flames of a detractor's fire quickly and sufficiently is the best way to turn that detractor into a fan. Or at least someone who isn't flaming you anymore.

Local Online Marketing

If you want to reach prospective customers in Denver, for example, would you consider advertising in the Los Angeles Times? You would if you realize that the publisher can display your local advertising to Denver small business social media marketing residents who find the article in an Internet search.So try some locally-targeted ads in national publications in 2012 and make sure they contain locally-relevant messages.But another set of figures is probably of more interest to entrepreneurs and small business owners who don't run restaurants or social establishments. These are survey results that exclude dining venues and taverns. Of the two thirds of adults who say they seek news and information about local stores, shops and services, nearly half of them say they rely on the Internet. Within that group, 36 percent rely on search engines, 16 percent turn to specialty websites and 1 percent say they find businesses on social-media sites. Another 22 percent rely on recommendations from friends and family, and another 8 percent turn on local television broadcasts or look up websites of local stations.If you've exhausted all reasonable means of addressing the customer's issue and he or she still insists on unreasonable responses or refuses to quiet his or her claims, it's OK to step away. By politely offering the solution again and informing the customer that this is truly all you can do and you are happy to do so, but you have to move on to other customer issues.The great news is that if you and your team decide you've been fair, honest, and reasonable with the customer, social media marketing plan sample but he or she is being unreasonable, the rest of the audience watching the conversation will think that person is being unreasonable, too.The social networking community is a fragile, collaborative ecosystem. Make the commitment. People will follow a trail of dependable, exciting, instructive news. But once the trail goes cold, they’re gone and likely never to return.

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