Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Ways to Influence Users to Download Your Mobile App

There is a difference between "promoting to" and "influencing" users to download your mobile app a massive one.Promoting to users doesn’t put your app on the path for massive downloads. social media marketing campaigns There’s just too much noise in the market with too many apps vying for the same user’s attention.Now imagine, you put your advertisement out there what are the chances that you’d be able to get the user to notice and even download your app? You're leave it for the user to choose. Instead, think about this: What if you can influence the user to buy your app or product instead?You need to influence people even before they get to your landing page. Potential users should be convinced of the value you’re offering and your microsite, app-store page, etc., should essentially seal the deal!Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can influence your user to buy and download your app.Not just any blog. There’s a blog fatigue with the number of people jumping onto the content-marketing bandwagon. You’ve got to write something that is attention grabbing and worthy of sharing. Make the topic current and give actionable pointers. I see many blogs that fail because they have no real meat to chew on. People notice good writing and also the people behind the blog or article. Be sure to include links to your landing page in the bio and see the clicks coming through. Readers value insights and opinions and these add to your product’s credibility.In the first year of its existence, Buffer added 100,000 users through staffers writing blog posts and contributing to other blogs and publications.According to The Verge,social media marketing service the post, which was written in Chinese, translated to "Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 9 is coming soon, do you think the start menu at the left bottom will make a come back?" This was something of a rhetorical question, since the company had already confirmed the return of the start menu, according to PC World. The post has since been deleted, but CNBeta noticed it and was the first to report the story.
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Contribute to other blogs/publications

While you continue to write for your own blog, it can take time to build a reader base. Complement writing for your own blog with writing for sites from the industry that you’re app is catering to. social media marketing conference Look for the industry leaders (blogs and publications) in that category and approach them with an article pitch. These blogs or publications already enjoy huge traffic and immense credibility. Writing for them will add to your own credibility.This is another medium to build thought leadership and get attention. There are many examples of valuable insights shared by app entrepreneurs through a presentation hosted on SlideShare.Put your experience of your journey as an entrepreneur and talk about something spectacular within the category of your app or simply rework your blogs or articles as presentations.There's nothing like a third-party endorsement for your app. What's better then a publication of repute writing about it? Identify a journalist that has done similar category or product stories and write to them with a concise pitch, explaining why it merits a story. If PR doesn’t work well in your home country, try your secondary English-speaking markets.Whatever you do, make sure you keep your reader amazed and at times amused. So much so that they look for what you do and how it could help them.Besides confirming the as-yet-unmentioned operating system, the post was accompanied by a mock-up of a Windows 9 logo, which ExtremeTech.com was not happy with.Prior to the leak, Microsoft had been referring to the product as the codenamed “Windows Threshold.” A technical preview of the software was slated to be released at the end of this month, following a press conference, effective social media marketing and the final edition of the OS is reportedly slated to be released in April 2015, as CNET reports.A Microsoft spokesperson said the company had “nothing to share” about the events.Besides the start menu returning -- though not to its full, former glory -- Windows 9 (if we can officially call it that) is supposedly going to have features such as the ability to run Metro apps and Cortana voice assistant integration.

Actively participate on Quora

Build your credibility in your app’s category by responding to queries posted on Quora. Oliver Emberton’s response to one query got him a book deal and several film offers. The possibilities are endless if you focus on providing your users with value and not force-selling your app, social media as a marketing tool which is Microsoft’s response to Apple’s Siri. Also noteable is what the new system will not include, mainly the Charms bar.Now that the secret is out, people are talking. Many hope that this new version of Windows will be a sharp departure from Windows 8, which was intended more for tablets than desktops and was not well-received by the tech community.First and foremost, our hypothetical business (let's call them Company X) knows social media has become like a second arm, an arm that posts updates before we've barely gotten out of bed. But they know it's not just a way for individuals to share cat photos, it’s a chance to interface with customers, raise brand awareness and help solve their problems before they become bigger ones.A good social-media presence never sleeps and neither does your social following. Someone is always tracking what you're doing and ready for the next update. A successful social strategy is all about knowing your audience and preparing for their schedule. Every network goes through peak periods and doldrums based on the activity of users, and a successful strategy knows how to work around that.But Company X takes it a step further and intimately understands the fluctuations of its own user base. With a target demographic of entrepreneurs in their mid-to-late 20s,social media marketing pricing Company X knows that 19 percent and 71 percent of its target audience is using Twitter and Facebook respectively.With 79 percent of individuals ages 18 to 44 keeping their phones by their bedside, the team puts content on these platforms and in their hands when they first wake up. They also look to reinforce their efforts by planting blog posts, building their newsletter list and otherwise being everywhere their client is looking.

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