Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Guidelines for Social-Media Posts That Hit the Mark

Business owners know that the Internet is a gold mine of free marketing directly to your target audience. A simple post on Facebook or Twitter can reach millions of people already keyed in to your products and offerings. cost of social media marketing But just as not all advertising campaigns are created equal, some social media content will get lost in the fray, while other posts will spread virally.Obviously, entrepreneurs have a high stake in making the most of their time spent online. While you can’t control the masses, and which content will become truly viral is anyone’s guess, there are some concrete things you can do to give your social media posts a better shot at getting noticed.In the online world, people spend maybe a grand total of two-to-three seconds evaluating your content to decide whether or not to click. On Twitter, a title is basically all you get.Frame your content in an interesting way in fewer than 140 characters. Some key words that help content get more clickthroughs are numbers, lists, and phrases like “how to.”Social media is a huge boon for brands, providing marketers with valuable insight into who is interacting with their products, as well as how they are doing so.Explicit mentions or interactions with a brand – be it through hashtags, text, follows or likes – are undeniably valuable. However, as image-based social platforms have taken off, these mentions represent just a percentage of the information that can be gleaned by examining consumers' social-media activity.In this vein, Tumblr is giving Ditto Labs direct access to all public photos posted on the platform. Ditto Labs is a startup that analyzes public photos posted on social media for brands and products.Content marketing is a hot topic that means different things to different people. define social media marketing Small businesses interested in getting into the game need to define what it means for them, however, and their interaction with customers.After all, the content marketing that draws the most press, analysis and advice is derived from the big thought-leadership model advocated by larger businesses interested in establishing themselves as a branded authority in their industry.
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Always have a visual

Every post you create does better with a photo, graphic, video, drawing, map, graph or something else visual that represents your idea. Visual posts get significantly higher traffic than those that don’t include a graphic. social media marketing plan pdf Images enable sharing across platforms such as Instagram, Flipboard, Flickr, Pinterest and more. Without a picture, you are effectively limiting your access to social media.The Cambridge, Mass.-based company has already analyzed photos for a host of big name brands, including Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Cadillac and Coca-Cola. The idea is that, unlike explicit mentions via hashtag or text, photos that include a product offer more nuanced, and therefore potentially more valuable, insight into how it is perceived by consumers. For example, by scouring photos on social media, the yogurt-maker Chobani discovered that many consumers were repurposing the cup holders in their cars as yogurt holders, information that could lead the brand to target on-the-go snackers, Mashable reported.Ditto Labs' technology is able to recognize different facial expressions to gauge sentiment, differentiate between a selfie and a group photo as well as if a product or logo is an intentional or accidental inclusion. The collected information will be made available to brands looking to better understand how consumers view them on Tumblr, but it won't impact the ads users see on the platform (at least, not yet). "Right now, we're not planning to do anything ad-related," T.R. Newcomb, head of business development at Tumblr, told Mashable. That, of course, could change.Think white papers, blog posts, long-form contributed articles and so on. social media marketing best practices There’s nothing wrong with that for them.But a small company has no business taking this approach. For starters, it's just not natural for small-business owners to wax poetic on every granular issue affecting their type of company. Second, this type of marketing is not effective if it doesn’t add any real value to consumers as they decide whether to buy a specific product or service.

Jump on the hashtag bandwagon

Not all trends are valuable but hashtags have proven their worth the last couple of years. Including hashtags in your posts can increase the number of eyes that see it.You can’t just slap a pound sign in front of any set of words and expect it to boost your online presence. how to start a social media marketing business Spend some time looking through the platform you’re using to discover relevant hashtags that already have a following.Ditto Labs already analyzes public photos on Instagram and Twitter, according to a company spokesperson.In a 2013 feature, Ditto Labs co-founder and CEO David Rose told Fast Company that the name for his company was inspire by the powerful incentive felt by an average person to buy a product used by his or her friend. He envisions an advertising landscape where brands could target individuals based on the content of their photos posted on social media, or even the content of their friends' photos.Ask if a prospective customer really would want to read “thought leadership pieces." If the answer isn’t a resounding yes, then it's clear what not to do!Enterprise-style content marketing is designed around reinforcing a company’s brand. Yet small businesses’ brands are most often created by their customer’s real world experience with the establishment and its service team. Focusing on success through thought-leadership style positioning feels awkward and misplaced.Instead of the heavy content marketing efforts that work for a nationwide chain, small businesses need to concentrate their efforts on a more lightweight approach focused on natural conversations about their people, how to social media marketing products and their personality. Conversational marketing is a natural extension of word-of-mouth, and small businesses have long considered this their most important marketing technique.Compare, for instance, the different content marketing approaches taken by two restaurants where I live in Colorado: the methodology of a big chain like Chipotle and that of a chef-owned restaurant called ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro.

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