Monday, 11 January 2016

How to 'Mobilize' Your Social Media Marketing

More than 200 million Facebook users access Facebook from mobile devices every month, according to Facebook. If your business wants its share of those mobile eyeballs, it’s time to combine your social media marketing with mobile marketing. social media marketing books Some consumers have embraced mobile-social interactions without much interference from marketers, mostly because the major social networks seem to have been relatively slow in developing opportunities to market to mobile-social users. That doesn’t mean you have to be as slow moving.Here are three ways you can drive more social-mobile interactions with your business while you wait for more abundant social-mobile marketing opportunities to emerge.Advertisers may establish more formal relationships with particularly loyal customers by making them brand ambassadors or giving them greater discounts and rewards."Some of our users see this as a way to save money, others see it as a way to make money," Murphy says. "If a user has a decent social network, as a business you will want to take care of them."Hey, we sell $2.25 tacos. That's not unique," Saxton says. "What's unique is the audience we've built. We have well over 10,000 eyeballs on us between Facebook and Twitter. That means we have 10,000 supervisors and managers waiting to tell us when we do something great--or when we don't.When Dr. Enrique Borrego opened his veterinary practice in 1990, location and word-of-mouth were all a vet needed to bring in clients and their furry friends. Borrego opened his current location in 2000 to better serve his neighbors in the quiet Florida town. But in 2004, Port St. Lucie became one of the fastest-growing communities in Florida, social media in marketing and soon there were multiple vet practices within walking distance of his office. It was clear he had to find a way to differentiate Animal General Hospital.He tried local magazines and the Yellow Pages, but over 18 months netted no new clients. At a loss, Borrego turned to Rich Urban, a former vet tech with a savvy set of marketing tools that could reshape the local vet practice.
how to use social media for marketing

Offer check-in deals

When people "check in" to a physical location using a mobile device via Foursquare or another app, they do it to share their location and activities with friends. Marketers call this "proof of presence." small business social media marketing If your customers frequent your physical location and tell lots of people about you through a social network, that behavior should be rewarded.You can reward these customers by offering discounts and special privileges on social networks that provide check-in rewards features. Foursquare for Business and Facebook Check-in Deals both provide ways to reward people for checking in.I did a quick check for local deals available near my hotel room while writing this article and found that I could check-in to a nearby Chili’s restaurant for free chips and salsa and get some free color printing done by checking in to a local printer's shop. I also found that I could enter to win a year of free haircuts from a Great Clips hair salon. I decided to skip the hotel spa’s free laser hair-removal check-in offer.Foursquare allows you to create deals for multiple check-ins based on frequency, and Facebook has a variety of deal option s including individual deals, group deals for up to eight people and even charity deals in which check-ins result in donations. As of this writing, both Foursquare and Facebook allow businesses to create check-in rewards for free. That may change, so take advantage while you can.I love animals. I wanted to be a doctor, not a vaccination clinic," Borrego says. "I knew there had to be a better way to market my practice, and Rich held that key.Urban built a client-care strategy that spanned from the moment of first interaction to long after clients had gone home from their latest appointment. social media marketing plan sample Using YouTube, Facebook and e-mail marketing, the strategy has produced some astounding results. Borrego estimates he spent $27,000 over 18 months for Yellow Pages ads. In a single 18-month online campaign combining Google advertising with Facebook ads, $3,600 in spending brought in a remarkable 250 new clients and $75,000 in revenue.

Update your followers via mobile

Your customers aren’t the only ones connecting through mobile devices. Your business should be able to share photos, videos, deals and other information from anywhere so your social updates are timely and efficient. marketing on social media There are two basic ways to update fans from your mobile device. You can use an app or website such as or Seesmic to update fans on multiple networks including your Facebook business pages. And, you can update fans on a single network using a variety of methods. For example, Facebook allows fan page updates via text message, mobile email, mobile website and mobile app (currently for iPhone only).The bottom line for this vet? Interaction. "Yellow Pages ads are static. Facebook and Google--those are interactive. People in this day and age demand interaction, so we've built ourselves to be an online resource for our clients," Borrego says. "Great information coupled with great care--that's why people keep coming back. That's the social part of social marketing." You can find Animal General Hospital on Facebook and YouTube, and stop in for some paws-atively great care when you're in Port St. Lucie.Have a question? The folks on Quora likely have an answer. The online Q&A platform gets user queries answered by experts for free. But it's become more than an info-seeking site for entrepreneurs, marketers and even investors.I use Quora to do research on what hot-topic issues are percolating and to follow tech journalists to keep up on the kinds of stories they're writing. It helps me answer reporters' questions and get my clients in front of them in a different way. social media marketing campaign My firm invests in early stage software companies. We mentor first-time CEOs/founders, including through Quora. I primarily spend my time on Quora in startup-related sections. Wherever I think I have a strong point of view, I answer, giving information and insights that showcase our expertise. It helps us attract better prospects for investment.

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