Daily Habits for Effective Social Media Marketing

The number of recommended actions and suggested tasks that social media managers must engage in can seem downright overwhelming. social media marketing companies Not only are you supposed to update dozens of different profiles every day, you have to connect with potential new followers and monitor your company’s branded keywords in order to manage any negative mentions you encounter. And more.To prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed and unable to get anything done at all, refocus your efforts on the following daily social media habits made up of tasks you know you can complete. Doing so should help you to form positive brand recognition and responsive follower bases -- without driving yourself crazy over everything you could be doing.Ideally, the bulk of your new social profile followers should be coming from people who love your brand and your website content so much that they can't wait to hear more from you on social networks. But sometimes -- whether your website is new or your company hasn't built the necessary market traction to attract followers naturally yet -- you'll want to be a little more proactive when it comes to building up a follower base for your business.One way to do this on Twitter is to seek out the profiles of authority figures within your industry. Then, follow people who are following them, and whose profiles indicate that they'd be interested in your company as well. A number of these people will most likely follow you back automatically, increasing the size of your follower base.Attracting new followers on permission-based websites like Facebook can be more challenging, but the same principles apply. social media marketing services Seek out those who have demonstrated an interest in your industry and the authority figures you follow, make your introductions through direct message and see what happens."Facebook is where teens and young adults connect with family and some friends," says digital marketing consultant Tim Peter. "Tumblr is where they connect with like-minded people about the topics they care about."
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Check the pulse of your social profiles

As a social media manager, the first thing to do every day is to log into your social profiles. social media marketing university Although this seems like a fairly common sense recommendation, many companies create their social profiles only to let them lie dormant for weeks or months on end.So whether your company has chosen to focus on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ -- or any combination of these and other social networks -- your first step every day should be to simply log in. Once inside, you'll be able to complete your goals, all of which play an important role in effective social media marketing."SocialToaster had already signed up a number of enterprise customers who all commented on how easy it was to implement the platform and how they loved the ability to leverage their fan base to get their message out," says Blu Venture founding member Paul Silber. "And we believe that SocialToaster can quickly grow to be an internationally recognized brand."For Razzaque, finding a backer close to home was a testament to his product's sensible business model and staying power. He explains that investors in the region focus on business fundamentals: revenue, number of customers and profitability, whereas Silicon Valley will gamble on the potential of a tech business model, looking at the number of new customers and growth rate. Put another way, Razzaque's existing revenue stream wasn't sexy enough for the Valley, but it was a perfect fit for the mid-Atlantic investment scene.Razzaque has already put the money to use, expanding SocialToaster's sales, marketing and customer service teams as he takes his message to even larger companies. "All we do is ask brands' superfans to amplify their marketing efforts," he says. "It's as easy as toast."Out with the new, in with the newer.At least, that's what a survey conducted by Posterous co-founder Gary Tan seems to suggest. Tan asked about 500 teenagers and 500 young adults which social media platforms they use regularly. what is social media marketingThough majorities of both groups (55 percent of teenagers and 52 percent of young adults) use Facebook, even more (61 percent of teenagers and 57 percent of young adults) regularly use Tumblr, the sharing-heaving, image-centric blogging platform.

Respond to direct interactions from followers

One of the most important things you can do within your social profiles is to respond to any direct messages you've received from followers or potential fans. social media marketing jobs These interactions come in a number of different formats, including.What's important about these interactions is that they represent people who have put forth the effort to engage with your brand on a higher level than simply observing your content. While these interactions may be good or bad (as in the case of negative reviews), it's important that you respond to them out of respect for the initiative these followers have shown.Social networks Twitter and Instagram pulled down numbers between 10 and 20 percent for each group.Does that mean brands, particularly those looking to appeal to a younger audience, should shift their Facebook and Twitter-heavy social media efforts toward Tumblr? Business owners and brand communicators say Tumblr has certainly been a help to them, but social media experts say Facebook's still an essential tool, too, even if it's not on top with the high school and college crowds.Tumblr can be a huge boon to certain brands, says Victoria Jent, owner of Ajent Communications. For example, her client Manic Panic, a makeup and hair brand, is doing really well there."We have more engagement from Tumblr that any other social media platform," she says. "This weekend, we posted a pic of a lipstick and got 100 reblogs in a couple of hours. You do not see this type of engagement with Facebook."Jent says the brand reblogs virtually any post tagged with "Manic Panic" and leaves comments. It also posts music videos of bands the punk-styled brand has worked with throughout the years, but reblogging is really important. social media and marketing "Our followers want to see real people wearing our makeup," she says. "They want to see how other people express themselves."Asya Rahim, owner of Kissidy Boutique, says Tumblr has been part of her social media strategy from the get-go."I take time to curate images that are attractive to gain followers and get click-throughs to my website," she says.

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