Friday, 4 December 2015

Brands to Use Instagram to Boost Influence and Drive Sales

Instagram is a unique medium for brand advertising unlike any other platform in the social space. social media marketing consultant The visually driven community allows users to communicate in the universal language of photos and videos, opening the world to the possibility of more "humanized'' content. Instagram’s growth and reach speaks to its massive appeal to the millennial audience. Instagram provides huge advertising opportunities to drive brand awareness and purchase intent to those brands that understand users want content made for users by other users who understand them best. The three components that are most important for brands to successfully campaign on Instagram are humanizing the content, utilizing influencers and harnessing the power of analytics.
It's safe to assume that the majority of the people polled had no specific intent to allow social media to influence their purchasing decisions. social media marketing packages Most people generally do not particularly desire to be the target of marketing. There are exceptions to all rules, however, and there are certain individuals who do actively seek out brand pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. By neglecting social media, brands are not providing content to audiences actively seeking it. Considering the extent to which brands go to gain clients' and consumers' attention, it is very unfortunate when legitimately interested parties are unable to find brand information they are actually looking for. A more basic issue with Gallup's poll is the issue of the validity of the question posed.
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Humanizing branded content

The key to success in today’s social space is insight into the audience base. Users today want content that speaks to their real interests in a genuine manner. social media marketing definition Driving this concept is prioritization of the user experience. Always have the individual in mind. Anticipate and focus on what they want to see from a brand. With this approach, brands can implement diversely creative content that speaks to the user’s individuality and the brand’s understanding of the audience. That allows the audience to personalize the entity connecting with them through social media. The brand is no longer just another robotic, corporate voice. The Gallup poll demonstrated that most Americans say that social media don't influence their purchasing decisions, but it doesn't mean that they are completely immune to it.
Exposure to a brand may affect purchasing decisions subliminally, so the influence of social media may be more significant than we realize. small business social media marketing For example, it partnered with Charity Miles. Charities are a great way to give back, but they also offer a great branding partnership opportunity for your business.Action step: Partner with others to expand the reach of your content-marketing efforts. Tell your story in a way that gives others a reason to cheer for your success.Make yourself part of a community. Say that you’re “Proud to be part of [city, state, online group, etc.].” Then share your content and mention influencers in those communities. Hopefully, they will re-share your content. Ryan Grepper struggled to fund the Coolest Cooler. It’s now the most-funded Kickstarter ever.Grepper shared everything he tried shortly after his first effort everything from promoted tweets to Facebook ads and more.

Amplification through targeted Influencers

The usual advertising tactics are essential whether a brand is looking to grow awareness or reposition themselves but audiences today demand personal interaction with brands. social media marketing plan sample They want to speak to another person who understands them and speaks like them.The best way to reach users with these needs is to generate content by like-minded individuals who understand the space. Instagram influencer marketing is a massive opportunity for brands to target specific demographics in a non-intrusive, yet effective, manner. These influencers know what drives engagement and interest in their audiences by understanding them as no brand could.The human factor has become essential to a successful social campaign. That personal voice behind a brand is what the audience wants to hear. Both brand science and artful advertising must converge to build the brand's connection to audiences an influencer has developed, studied and tended to for years.
Instagram provides a simplistic user experience but provides vast amounts of data regarding users and content generated. marketing on social media When used correctly, this date gives brands the opportunity to leverage key metrics in support of their campaigns.By implementing Instagram’s data in analytical tools, the brand’s position is elevated, not only supporting their campaign direction but driving metrics around brand awareness, purchase intent, sentiment and so forth. These are all essential factors when proving ROI, an extremely difficult task in the social space, especially Instagram.In a fast-paced world where social media is the driver for audience and consumer movement, Instagram continues to provide newfound opportunities. The three core elements of driving Instagram success for brands are humanizing the content, utilizing influencers and gaining powerful analytics. As brands grow in their understanding for these three invaluable elements, so will their social value and long-term growth.

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