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Excite Audiences by Finding the Visual Angle of Your Brand

Today’s visual social platforms are more popular than ever. Pinterest and Instagram flood the Internet with images, which are twice as likely to be shared as text. social media marketing podcast YouTube, Vimeo and countless video syndication sites are major hubs of activity it’s estimated that 29 percent of all time spent on the Internet is watching videos. Whether you’ve got products to show the world or you’re working on finding a visual approach to telling your business’ story, here are five tips to help you get started. Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words, but few understand which words. We consume visual language first make judgments, decisions and have emotional responses then we consume written language. This means a first impression is a visual impression. If it isn’t appropriate, emotionally engaging or distinctive, the conversation doesn’t start in the right place. The design of visual language is a process of making sure what you say in written form matches what you’re communicating in visual form.
This includes consideration for typography, colors, photography style and illustrations, which all contribute to your visual language and orchestrate the first impression. Design at its best treats its audience with respect. It initiates dialogue, invites participation, exceeds expectations and creates an emotional bond. Unless you're Google, McDonald's or Apple, chances are slim that people will suddenly think of the name of your business when making a purchase. For the lucky few companies with marketing budgets eclipsing the GDP of most small nations, awareness is part of their everyday existence. social media marketing plans For the rest of businesses, however, the customer buying cycle begins with a hopeful greeting.In the digital age, customer greetings occur online. As many as 56 percent of marketers use various technologies to cut through the noise of competitors. There’s a good reason why. According to one study, 91 percent of online adults use social media regularly.
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Repurpose existing content into visual formats

Another approach is to look at opportunities to use existing content in other formats as the basis for visual-content development. Good sources may include everything from presentations to original data. b2b social media marketing These materials can be used as the basis of a narrated explainer video, the research behind an infographic or paired with powerful images to create memes for Pinterest and other image sites. Your previous written work is a great place to start with your visuals in mind. An added benefit of including images within your text-based content is driving traffic with Google Images. Another study show 77 percent of business-to-consumer and 43 percent of business-to-business enterprises acquired a customer through social media in the past 12 months. From an inbound-marketing standpoint, social media is about a brief impression. During the awareness phase, buyers are not yet ready to commit to one company or another, so statistics comparing the competition are likely to be seen as overly aggressive.
Many businesses think visual marketing requires creating entirely new visual content. Visual media can be a helpful format to explore new ideas, but don’t overlook ways to use your existing visuals. Your company may already have digital assets such as photographs, short videos, infographics and presentations that can be easily adapted for social networking. Efforts to pitch to the unconvinced are likely to scare away customers not yet sure of the full scope of their needs.Instead of saying "I love you" on the first date, make a charming first impression instead. social media marketing course Publish content on your social-media accounts and pair it with a photo or video that is digestible, entertaining and informative. Keep it succinct. For a snowboarding shop, this could include an Instagram photo of fresh powdery snow. For an industrial supplier, this may be a "Will It Blend?" type video showing the lighter side of commercial products.

Dip a toe in the visual pool with memes

If you’ve spent significant time on Facebook or Pinterest, you’ve noticed a constant influx of quotes, images paired with startling facts and beautiful images tagged with brand names. These memes are easy to create with sites such as or by hiring a freelance designer. social media for marketing It’s also easy to find royalty-free images that you can use in your content. It’s easy to build a high-volume campaign and to experiment with different content approaches to see what resonates with your audience.Create a full inventory of what you have to work with, and then map that content to your visual campaign goals. You’ll then be able to identify gaps and opportunities for future content creation. Short, interesting, entertaining and friendly. Pair your messaging with compelling visuals to cut through the sea of Facebook feeds. Finally, show off your personality and knowledge without coming off as aggressive. Social media is about a handshake, and no one likes having their hand crushed by an over-eager stranger.
By aggressively pursuing youth sports, then growing with their consumers to supply college teams and eventually professional sports teams, Under Armor seeded, nurtured and grew a large and loyal base of customers. Not all human beings are 100 percent rational. If that were the case, then the company that developed the best product at the lowest price would win the buyer's affections without fail. social marketing media Instead, purchases are often motivated as much by emotion as they are by cold, hard stats. Perhaps the most profound effect of successful inbound marketing is felt at this step, when buyers must make a decision based on trust, "gut" and emotional attachment to one business or another. Business blogs, when done correctly, create this connection through regular publication of important information, constant conversation and the construction of a reputation that buyers can trust.

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