Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Did Google Kill Social-Media Marketing

Google is putting out its Wildfire. The seemingly harmonious relationship between the search engine giant and the social software platform is has come to an end after a partnership that lasted about 20 months. social media marketing plan pdf As a part of Google, Wildfire’s aim was to help businesses improve their social media marketing efforts. Google’s interest and investment in Wildfire legitimized social media marketing in the eyes of many observers. Well, as the NFL has taught us, something being dropped is just as newsworthy as it being picked up. So what does Google dumping Wildfire mean for social media marketing? Is it dead? Has it devolved into simply throwing money at social networks for ads? I don’t think so. Google has its reasons for its loss of interest in Wildfire, but it should not signal marketers that content marketing campaigns are useless. In my opinion, ads are no good without a solid content basis behind them. That said, creative and integrated campaigns that drive consumers to social channels and encourage them to interact with brands are tough to pull off without some serious strategy behind them. An infographic that hits a home run with its data and presentation can deliver a tremendous amount of website traffic and exposure. This can happen when it is distributed correctly. Instead of just placing the infographic on your blog and hoping it catches on, define social media marketing reach out to websites that you feel might have an interest in the subject. The time and effort required to do infographic outreach is often rewarded with high-quality websites publishing the infographic. This results in natural links and targeted website visitors. If consumers become caught up with an infographic and then visit the website responsible for it, they may tend to have a genuine interest in the product or service being provided.
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Connect campaigns to in-store promotions

If you’re a brick and mortar marketer, you have to start connecting social to what goes on inside your store. cost of social media marketing Use user-generated content as in-store ads to connect real people to your products. Promote hashtags in store, and encourage customers to Instagram photos with hashtags for chances to win a contest or be featured on a website. Get people involved in your brand’s social happenings before they even become online fans. Look for interactive infographics to become extremely popular this year. Animation is great way to capture the reader and visually tell a story. A great example is an infographic by NSF Health Sciences that uses simple graphics and animation to explain why hand washing is so important within the pharmaceutical industry. It does a great job of getting the point across in an easy to absorb visual manner. Infographics that incorporate an interactive element will become the new benchmark for infographic design.Unless you’re involved in politics, keep your views to yourself. Everyone has opinions, right? But most fans aren't following an Etsy shop for its views on Obamacare or a flower shop for its feelings on gun control. Strong opinions on divisive issues can be seen as off-topic and polarizing -- and could end up hurting business. You know that most businesses aren't successful overnight. So know that you won’t amass tons of followers as soon as you sign up. That said, do not buy followers. It’s misleading and these robots don’t interact with you. Everyone has bad days, but you don't need to take to Twitter to share yours. Of course this doesn’t mean you need to pretend everything is perfect either. social media marketing chicago There is definitely a balance…you’ll figure this one out! Important: Whatever you do, don't start or participate in a Twitter fight. Nothing good comes from that. One important thing to remember is that it is just Twitter. A good rule of thumb is to think before you tweet so you won't say something you'll regret later.

Tie a social campaign to TV advertising

I bet a thousand bucks you saw the brilliant Esurance hashtag commercial that aired just after the Super Bowl. social media marketing blogs Almost everyone did, and they tweeted. Not all brands have TV ad budgets, but for those that do, tying advertising into social campaigns is the future of social marketing. Let those budgets work together and stretch the reach of campaigns beyond a Facebook page. People have two screens now, if not more. Make the transition between social media and TV seamless on behalf of your brand. If you don't know what to tweet about, try looking at the calendar. For example, when it is St. Patrick's Day, tweet something green (like your green shoes or green beer). If it the anniversary of your storefront opening, offer a special discount code to fans. You reached 1,000 followers? Awesome! Thank your fans for your support - and they'll likely start tweeting about you. Check out what is trending that day. (If you're using your phone, “Trends” can be seen when you swipe left; on the web, you'll find them to the left of your feed.) Do you have anything to add to the conversation?If someone mentions you in a tweet, say "Thanks!" If someone you are following shares a useful article, tell them! That is how you get noticed. On the flip side, if someone doesn’t respond to you, don’t sweat it. Everyone is doing a million things these days. Tweets with photos are more likely to get retweeted which will then increase your brands exposure. Keep in mind that Twitter recently adjusted its presentation to give more exposure to photos. If you use other people's photos, social media marketing plansmake sure you credit them.Hashtags are useful for social campaigns or for following along at events like the Oscars or conferences. But use too many and you’re bound to look desperate. Tweets with a massive amount of hashtags look like an ad (or worse, spam!) and your followers will blow right past it. More hashtag tips here.

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