Thursday, 3 December 2015

Social Media Is the Best Strategy You'll Ever Have

You’ve read a million list posts on how to do Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and (insert another social media network here) for your business. real estate social media marketing In search of faster growth, more engagement and that elusive return on engagement, you’ve tried tactic after tactic and tool after tool but it’s just not working the way you’d hoped. Tactics can be great. And tools can save you time. But if you lose sight of this one simple principle, it’ll be all for naught: Social media at its core is social. It’s about real relationships with real people. Businesses that anchor their social strategy on this golden rule have loyal audiences, bigger followings and more sales. The beauty of social media is that it allows for a two-way conversation and it can be the fast track to real relationships with an audience if done right. But to build real, genuine connections, those doing the sharing must be human.
It always comes down to the same thing. Doing what matters. That’s exactly how world-class companies like GE and P&G breed hundreds, social media marketing podcast if not thousands, of entrepreneurs who found tomorrow’s startups and CEOs that turn good companies into great ones: on-the-job experience.Now I’ll tell you what doesn’t matter. What doesn’t matter is what everyone else says and does. That’s right; none of it matters. Not a word. Of course, the exception is the people you come across in your real-world experience. If you get out in the world and do things, you will inevitably meet and learn from thousands of people. That’s 99 percent of the wisdom you’ll need. No kidding. Here’s another way to look at it. Let’s talk about spheres of influence. The popular wisdom of the day is that everyone should have these enormous spheres of communication and social networks, the bigger the better.Popular wisdom is wrong and I’ll tell you why.

Being so starched and professional it's boring

Everyone has read or rather skimmed past those status updates like “Join us in welcoming Frank Smith, social media marketing plans our new vice president of blah, blah, blah" that were oh, so boring. Don't send out any more glossy brochure corporate speak. Don't just show the polished, shiny side of your business. It's time to be real. Show the real people who make up your business. Let people see them, get to know them and laugh with them. Snap some selfies. People love to see the real you.Show behind the scenes of your business and your life. A window into your offline life helps create real rapport.Share some off-the-cuff videos. Grab your smartphone and just do it. Find a way to let people get to really know you the businessperson. Because as sales expert Kendrick Shope said, “All things being equal, friends buy from friends. All things being unequal, friends buy from friends. The only thing successful people do that matters is focus on doing what matters. Simple as that.
Social networking – tweeting, posting, linking, blogging, too – is what I call “one-to-many” communication. b2b social media marketing The level of interaction and quality of communication is lousy because a billion people are all doing the same thing so nobody has the bandwidth to read but a tiny fraction of what shows up in their stream.That’s why the vast majority of online interaction is a complete waste of time. Everything you post just bounces around the Web and nothing ever really comes of it. Nothing that matters, anyway. It’s like throwing a bucket of water into the ocean. Sure, there’s more water in the ocean now, but so what? Also, whatever you learn online is visible to everyone so it provides no competitive advantage whatsoever.The way to be successful is to keep your sphere of influence small and focused. How small and focused? That depends. Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates wrote code. Richard Branson sold records. Their spheres were relatively small and extremely focused in the early days of their careers while they were building their businesses.

Let your audience guide you to new places

Studying a social media platform’s analytics not only can let you know whether you’re on the right path with ongoing branding and engagement efforts, social media for marketing but also can determine the direction of your future efforts.Looking at social media analytics can confuse even the most seasoned communications pro; if it’s confusing to you, chances are, your company executives aren’t getting it, either.It’s important to have a social media manager or team members who understand the context surrounding social media measurement.Not only should they be able to evaluate marketing and PR efforts (adjusting them as needed), they should be able to explain what the numbers mean to anyone and everyone in your company who ought to know.For example, if you discover an active crowd that skews toward women through your organization’s Facebook Insights, you might ask yourself whether your brand is a good fit for Pinterest.
Then they grew in time. That’s usually how it works.It basically comes down to this: You do want to broaden your sphere but you want to broaden it by doing what matters, social marketing media not by wasting your time on what doesn’t matter.Not only does reading about rich people’s habits not matter, the same is true of the vast majority of what you do online. And if they wasted their time with all that stuff, wealthy people would never have become wealthy to begin with.Want to connect to potential customers on Facebook? Follow the same etiquette rules you'd use at a business conference."What we have to realize is it's kind of like meeting someone at a networking event, conference, or party there has to be a relationship-build," says Keith Krance, author of Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.In this Google Hangout, Krance, president of Internet marketing consultancy Dominate Web Media, as well as a simple budgeting trick that will help you execute a rapport-building campaign.

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