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Personal Branding Doesn't Mean Just Fixing Your LinkedIn Presence

Now everyone is free to muse on professional matters through LinkedIn’s blogging platform. social media marketing service Make sure that your personal branding efforts shine and are memorable. Don't limit yourself to just one platform.Too many CEOs and executives (and their PR handlers) think that if they have a great LinkedIn profile and are active on the site, their job of marketing themselves is done.That's wrong. Businesspeople can promote themselves in smart, creative ways beyond LinkedIn, both online and in person. A very related strategy and something that’s only available since the last update is taking advantage of app bundling. Apple basically allows developers to include their apps in up to three bundles of 10 different apps. There are few potential advantages here. Firstly, bundles are featured in the separate section of the featured apps page, making them much easier to be found. Then there’s revenue potential.
Bundled apps are often a better value deal which makes them more appealing to at least a certain demographic. social media marketing conference The question here is, if someone downloads your app bundled with nine other apps, how likely are they to actually use it? The way I view it is it may and may not matter. If you can give your app a boost big enough to rank higher, you will reach more users and, as a result, more will adopt.So that raises another question. What about retention? The answer is, it’s much harder than the user acquisition. In fact, retention makes user acquisition look like a piece of cake. Mobile analytics companies like Flurry and Apptentive report that you can expect to retain less than 5 percent of users over the course of first 12 months.etention has a lot to do with designing a great onboarding process and user engagement.However, the right place to start is just making a product that users love. That, of course, sounds like just another start-up cliché.
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Optimize speaking engagements

If you land a speaking engagement at a conference, make the most of it. Find out if the event is being filmed, effective social media marketing ask for the footage and use it to create a show reel -- to use for pitching more speaking gigs.Offer to work with the event's organizers on articles or interviews in advance that will increase your reach. Note the event's hashtag and use it to engage with people on social media. Inquire whether if any members of the press will be attending and contact them to offer them a briefing about your company. You might be scheduled for only a 30-minute talk or panel, but you have an opportunity to squeeze way more of a return on the investment of yourtime onstage. Be thoughtful about optimizing and amplifying your presence before, during and after the show. And without that, it’s practically impossible to retain users – no matter how smart or creative your marketing is.
What few entrepreneurs get right is understanding that building a great product starts with a focus on a narrow demographic. social media as a marketing tool There’s a reason few of the successful apps have launched in the mainstream market. Facebook first started on Harvard, Instagram focused on travellers and foodies, Uber launched in San Francisco,etc. Such approach, of course, is the complete opposite of going for quantity. However, the potential results are not that different. Small communities with high density provide a huge potential for a good product to spread virally in that market. And viral growth means download velocity, which is the ultimate metric to reach the top of the list. But even that doesn’t happen organically. What some of the fastest growing apps did extremely well compared to the rest is that made it easy for viral growth to happen.

Divide up your social media time

My strategy for online personal branding is to use a 60/40 rule. Sixty percent of my social-media updates are professional and 40 percent are personal in some way. social media marketing pricing This ensures my followers and potential connections get to know a little about me beyond just my work-related thoughts and opinions.Sharing my love of cricket and real ale and regularly talking about the trials and tribulations of being a parent to two young daughters adds a bit of color. These details might serve as positive conversation starters when I meet someone in person. Find something natural from your downtime to talk about or share on social media. Many people worry that their followers might not want to hear personal details, but the lines between work and play have blurred over the last 10 years, thanks to digital media, and you’ll be completing the circle of personal branding by giving your posts a human touch.
Working on your personal brand doesn’t mean you have to talk about yourself 24/7. social media marketing blog Taking an interest in and heeding the comments of others will endear them to you and you’ll probably learn a few things that will help your professional development as well. Simply having empathy with peers who are facing professional problems will have a positive effect on your brand. Plus it just feels good to help people who are in a bind.Make a conscious effort to spend time in asking your peers about their work roles, what drives them, where they’ve had the most success and how they behave in adverse situations. No one knows everything, so allocating your time to fill gaps in knowledge can help your company and your personal brand. Whichever way you choose to go, knowing your users is the critical thing without which it’s very difficult to create an excellent product.

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