Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Social Media Marketing Plans for Every Startup Budget

A solid marketing plan is key for any successful entrepreneur’s product, business and service. One great and cost-effective strategy for getting the word out is to utilize social-media marketing. atlanta social media marketing While there still needs to be a plan, objective and follow-through applied to this branch of your marketing plan, you can achieve some great results on a shoestring budget if you know where to look. As social media is becoming more engrained in our everyday lives, it is becoming imperative for businesses to get on board. And Twitter is huge for companies, as it provides a place to share news, engage with loyal customers and attract new ones. But it isn't easy.While some opt for quick fixes, like buying followers (something I have never done), I don't see the point in these sketchy tactics. It may offer short-term spike, but it doesn't provide the kind of engagement that organic followers do.Here are a few very simple ways to grow your following (along with the process of what I do on Twitter) that you could also implement on your other social channels.Follow people that retweet or favorite your tweets, especially when they take the time to read articles you've written and share a comment with you. Also take the opportunity to engage when possible. The more you reach out, the more folks will return and reciprocate by following or making comments. You can apply this across all your social networks.When I joined the social media movement in March of 2009, I was just an observer for the first six months. But by remaining consistent and sticking with daily-following methods, my account began to grow. Now with more than 380,000 followers, hotel social media marketing people often ask me for advice on growing a following on Twitter.Follow new people every day even if you can only afford a few minutes on each network. I usually do this on my phone while I am waiting on someone. People say quality over quantity? True, however, I would rather have both to maximize your reach. You must continue to build your community whether online or offline.I've met many of my community contacts from my tweets or share.
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Do-It-Yourself Budget

Hootsuite. If you really are strapped for cash, don’t stay out of the social media game just because of a liquid capital shortage. Hootsuite is one of the most widely-used platforms for managing social media.disadvantages of social media marketing Schedule posts between your web content and social outlets, or schedule specific messages to each outlet at specified times. Hootsuite is kind of like the Lowe’s or Home Depot of social-media marketing it puts the power to do things in your hands. There is a completely free option that gives you the Hootsuite basics, or for just $11 a month you can get the pro version that gives you all the bells and whistles you need to effectively set up and manage a social campaign. This route takes a bit more of an investment in time and self-sufficiency than others, but at a cost so low, it’s a great approach for the truly bootstrapping startup. Although I have many followers to focus and respond to, I make my rounds every day to retweet at least one new person a day. This sometimes will give you a fan for life. You can apply this same exact method to grow your following and community on any of your networks. I love Instagram, I spent a month focusing on following, in no time my social media presence grew there very quickly. That said, you must be consistent in harvesting your following and engaging with others on a daily basis.Keep your eyes open for those who retweet you often or share your blog. Favorite a tweet to let the individual know you see them. At a later point in time, perhaps return the favor as time permits. How does this help with your following? The more people see that you appreciate their efforts, they will more likely retweet you whenever online. facebook social media marketing The more visible your brand or Twitter handle lands on other pages, the more likely you will generate more organic following.Tweet relevant and high quality content. People will regularly visit your page to share your tweets. When people are excited to pass along your message, additional branding and visibility to your account.

Business Is Blowing-Up Budget

Hubspot is a great place to start for any entrepreneur looking to develop a social-media and inbound marketing plan. It offers tons of great advice, case studies and free reports that can help you get started on your marketing strategy. social media marketing university review If you want to work with Hubspot, don’t be intimidated. Yes, it has a big price point for large businesses, but there’s still an entry point for the up-and-comers, too. Its basic plans start at $200 a month and are a great jumping off point for the entrepreneur whose business is starting to blow up and needs more out of their marketing plan than they can manage alone. Take it offline. These days, people share their love of food, nature and other passions. For instance, if you are passionate about photography, organize a photo walk. When you take social media offline, people will share photos of you along with your Twitter handle to their audience, in turn you will get more followers. This is a great way to start a conversation online and offline. Twitter is a great place to show off your talents, especially writing and photography. If you are a writer with informative, pertinent content, put it on Twitter. Same goes for amazing photos. People will share your articles or images and this will give you visibility to more admirers.Reach out to other thought leaders and feature 10 people on your blog. They will be happy to share your content to their readers and this will also grow your readers as well as followers.Do not put all your eggs in one basket. With this last point, apply these ten tips in other social channels where the methods may fit to grow your network. los angeles social media marketing Technology changes very rapidly, it's smart to keep a pulse on the current social world.I hope that these ten points will help you grow your brand. Remember the more seeds you plant, the larger the harvest. An hour a day focusing on following will give you a robust community. Please leave me a comment, question or suggestion.

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