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We Drove 10K Unique Visitors to a New Product in a Month

Using only a handful of tactics, we recently were able to get 10,000 people to check out our product. social media marketing applications Here is how we did it.As I was wrapping up the sale of the Prosperio platform, I was anxious to sink my teeth into a new project. A friend, Robert Kiraz, and I always talked about collaborating and finally decided to take the plunge.Robert and I share similar perspectives on early product and market development. In fact, his company, Leanometry, helps clients determine a minimum viable product of any idea and bring it to market in four weeks. Drawing from our combined knowledge and network we brought together a small team split evenly between product and marketing rolls. Our goal: come up with a winning product and bring it to market quickly.We brainstormed late into the evenings at Cross Campus in the heart of Santa Monica’s booming tech scene. After talking for hours about authors and online-content creators, we came up with the idea of Sharewalla.
Facebook remains the largest social network and likewise the social-selling channel with the greatest potential. marketing using social media But as with anything, putting all your eggs in one basket is probably a bad idea. Facebook alters its algorithms constantly, and while many of these changes greatly benefit high-quality sellers, relying too heavily on a single channel can be devastating if you find yourself somehow running afoul of updates and changes.So while Facebook should be a considerable focus on your social-selling strategy, don’t forget other channels as well -- whether Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or other networks where your customers already are. Adopting a portfolio approach to social selling not only extends your reach, but also protects you should one of those social channels temporarily become less effective for you.We can expect Facebook to continue to tweak its algorithms for relevancy and to cut down on the noise within users’ News Feeds, but other social channels are moving in this direction as well.
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Use technology to speed up the process

None of us knew a large group of designers, so we needed some extra magic to communicate with that segment. los angeles social media marketing Using Kimonolabs we were able to create a document that had all available information on the top 100 designers, determined by sales.None of the profiles had contact information but they did have websites and Twitter accounts. Assuming that most of the designers would have an email or contact form on their site, we outlined a process for finding this information and hired a virtual assistant to loop through the process for the 200 profiles in the file we used Kimonolabs to compile. The result was a healthy lead list that cost us about $40 to generate. Reporters are speculating on Twitter adopting Facebook-styled relevancy for users’ feeds, and Instagram has of course improved its discovery options to be much more personalized and relevant to users.Closing a sale can be tricky on social media. Consumers often seek an incentive, a prize or promotion.
They also look for what their friends and acquaintances are wearing or purchasing. social media marketing university review Such habits let brands leverage the viral, sharing nature of social media to inspire purchasing decisions with user-generated content or through coupons, discounts or prizes. A rapid advance in technology is making social-media sales increasingly within reach of businesses of all sizes. Transactions can be made through use of a hashtag. Facebook is launching a “Buy” button that lets users purchase items without leaving its platform. And new social-commerce capabilities empower marketers to drive sales on social media.The Holy Grail of social media marketing is sales. When marketers can draw a direct line between a social-media campaign and sales, all the guessing over the value of engagement ends. The return on investment is indisputable.Measurement involves tracking results on earned, owned and paid media. Engagement can be gauged across all social-media platforms and how traffic is driven to a company's website.

Use every resource imaginable

Growth hackers are a really tight-knit community that is very active online. This makes it easy to find the most influential members. facebook social media marketing To find people to talk to within this segment, we fired up BuzzSumo, which is an amazing tool that helps you find influencers. We looked for people who were actively talking about growth hacking and had good engagement metrics retweets, favorites, etc. We compiled those names into a list and used a mixture of reaching out to them on Twitter and/or email to make contact.In all, from the above three strategies we generated around 400 unique visitors to the site, a far cry from the 10,000 we eventually had in August. The rest of the traffic comes from our final tip. It's also possible to analyze how paid advertising on Twitter and Facebook encourages participation on social-media campaigns and a company's website. Add a new level of social-media intelligence by listening to what users are saying about the company's campaigns and brand.
Measurement is increasingly important on two fronts. Social media is fragmented across multiple platforms. disadvantages of social media marketing Tracking and analyzing the full scope of social-media use is now more difficult than ever. Secondly, measurement is one of the most important ways to demonstrate the effectiveness of social marketing to chief marketing officers, company executives and board members. Management is the execution of the social strategy. And with all the emphasis on the software, analytics and strategy, execution is still what drives the success of a social-media campaign.Once a campaign is launched in the social sphere, management can make or break the campaign’s success. Refine your campaign by tracking performance and reacting to what works and what does not. Take the workload off your social-media manager by letting him or her schedule posts and tweets.

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