Friday, 4 December 2015

Content-Marketing Hacks Using Social-Media Data

Social-media marketing and content marketing are two of the best ways for advertisers to get a message across. social media marketing software But they can be even better together, especially when marketing content leans heavily on social media data. In the current media landscape, marketing decisions must be based and validated by data. But this data can be used for more than just informing future decision making. Utilizing social media marketing data in your content marketing efforts can provide a fresh and creative twist to online advertising. Social media offers a useful way to capture community knowledge and enhance group creativity. Yet many of the enterprise social media tools out there today allow everybody involved to interact with everybody else. This creates a dynamic in which the die-hard followers carry on and on to hear the sound of their own voices, causing many others to zone out and disengage from the process altogether. This is the unfortunate situation at too many businesses today.
To succeed as a next-generation social CEO, business leaders need to engage more with their internal teams, social media marketing b2b partners and customers. But this requires leaders to contain, control and curate such social media conversations, rather than hosting unwanted social free-for-alls. This is the challenge most CEOs face regarding social, whether they realize it or not.For social to work in the C-suite, CEOs can use crowdsourcing software or new “actionable social” tools to solicit feedback from large groups. For example, department heads or sales managers can submit their own ideas and vote on the best ones to pursue for their group initiatives. This democratic format generates greater buy-in from constituents, which in turn leads to highly motivated individuals and better aligned teams.CEOs also need to manage which audiences participate in each initiative, doing away with the social free-for-all.
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Promote Yourself With a Data-Driven Blog Post

Buffer, the social media sharing startup, is well known for its exceptionally active blog. social media marketing for small business A recent blog post in conjunction with CoSchedule analyzed the impact that various social media headline tactics and had on traffic. By diving into the data and creating a piece of useful and shareable content, Buffer and CoSchedule were able to both demonstrate product effectiveness and create publicity. For instance, some crowdsourcing projects might invite internal employees to participate, while others would query only external partners or suppliers, depending on the project focus.Another important aspect of this process involves structuring crowd-sourced discussions around certain specific topics, and blocking out other subjects to be avoided by the group. Leaders can also curate their social discussions by making some comments anonymous in order to solicit open criticisms, while requiring users to be clearly identified and accountable when voting on shared priorities.
All of this so important to CEOs. Leaders need to get out of their boardrooms and escape their rigid hierarchies to engage with actual constituents. social media marketing job description According to the Brandfog survey, 83 percent of senior leaders think CEOs who actively participate in social media can build better connections with their customers, employees and investors.Social media gives leaders the power to greatly increase this level of engagement by really listening to the voices of stakeholders, then taking tangible actions based on those suggestions. Crowdsourcing also provides a constructive way to glean deep insights from the collective knowledge of an entire group, not just from an insulated leadership team.These important benefits make up the intrinsic value of being a social CEO, while raising serious doubts about any laggards who continue to shun social media.

Reward your followers

There is no lack for tools analyzing twitter content, but there are far less that provide data about followers. marketing and social media SocialRank fills this gap by providing intelligence about an account’s most valuable, most engaged, and overall best followers. SocialRank data gives brands the opportunity to interact with followers that mean the most, and to create content surrounding the interaction. Muhammad Ali used SocialRank to give free t-shirts to fans. His tweet announcing the promotion was retweeted 100+ times and also resulted in press coverage from Business Insider. Peter Daisyme works in accounting. His public relations skills are second to none. He spends his time talking to people and figuring out how to help them sell their property online. He is a skilled problem solver and has a keen eye for helping people with property that they otherwise would not be able to sell. He’s currently working on Host.
Chris Monteleone has spent his entire career in sports, media and entertainment dealing with major leagues, TV networks, film studios and more. social media marketing salary He has made a career out of building relationships and listening. He recently raised $1 million to fund his new company, Sweigh, which is a social polling platform that measures sentiment around keywords, people and topics in real time. He is a key figure to follow if you are looking to learn how to successfully package, sell and market a new idea. Justin Levy is a social media expert who knows how to market to any demographic in a way that is attractive to the eyes and is always successful. He is the director for social marketing at Citrix, and also does public speaking via his website. Justin is a great person to follow if you want to learn how to market your company using social media outlets.

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