Saturday, 5 December 2015

New Social-Media Platforms Worth a Look

When businesses launch social media campaigns, they generally focus on the major platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are especially popular for business marketing, social media marketing plan template since they boast large membership numbers and generally seem to bring the greatest return on investment. But new social media networks arrive on the scene each year with potential to grow in popularity the way Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Pinterest have. For small businesses, lesser-known sites are a promising avenue to reach new customers. Since few companies utilize these sites for marketing, there is little competition for user attention. Brands can often benefit from these smaller sites catering to a niche in their search for a unique way to connect with customers. Everyone active in online user acquisition should devote a couple hours a week to testing and exploring such outlets. Start with these small-but-promising platforms.
Thought leaders have a strong, identifiable and distinct voice that sets them apart from others. Their voice is their brand and their audience knows exactly what they stand for and what to expect from media marketing world Most important, they don’t stray from their brand identity and instead look for opportunities to make it even stronger. If you want to develop a strong voice and brand, ask yourself: What are my values? What do I stand for? What can I offer that isn’t obvious? What can people learn from me? Be clear and concise about your voice, your stances, your ideas and be sure that everything you do and say aligns with that. Remember to stay true to who you are because the most successful thought leaders are authentic. One of the defining characters of thought leaders is their ability to effectively communicate their expertise and knowledge to their audience. A great way to get your thoughts and experience noticed is by writing contributed articles, op-eds and blog posts.
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Social media management

SproutSocial is an incredibly powerful tool for managing a company's social-media accounts, but it takes hours to reply to mundane comments and gather basic analytics data. social media marketing tipsInstead of doing it alone, make use of the integrated team management to hire a virtual assistant to run the company's social-media accounts. It's possible to easily limit what the virtual assistant can access for security reasons. Arrange for the virtual assistant to run the company's feeds and respond to comments as they arrive. Then it's possible for the U.S. team to focus on creating the content and making use of the analytics data to develop new plans. Blogging involves a lot more than just writing content and publishing text. There are a whole host of menial tasks that need doing and they could be done by anyone, like backing up the blog and keeping the software up-to-date. Rather than worry about all these tasks, hire an overseas virtual assistant as a blog manager.
Those willing to take the time to experiment with various virtual assistants may be able to find one with the skills to develop ideas for posts, social media marketing tools draft outlines for them, hunt down images and reference links and more.At the end of the day, the entrepreneur will have more time to run the business and create content, with all the manual work handled overseas.This allows you to be a part of the conversation, establish your voice, demonstrate your expertise and contribute to an ongoing dialogue. Writing gives you the opportunity to not only demonstrate your abilities but also earn credibility with your audience and other thought leaders in your industry.Do you have advice and tips for other entrepreneurs? Can you provide lessons that you learned while creating and running your business? Figure out how you can turn your experience and background into a learning opportunity for others and start writing!

Build an active online presence

Great thought leaders have mastered the art of sharing and putting their message and brand out there. A good way to offer advice and tips is to actively share them on social-media platforms. marketing social media A great thought leader understands how instrumental social media is in developing their voice. He or she looks for opportunities and groups to join and uses different platforms to talk about his or her expertise and becomes a part of relevant conversations.Building an active online presence requires a social-media strategy that allows optimal brand exposure and opportunities to actively connect with different audiences. Therefore, provide relevant and interesting content, actively engage with users, ask questions and offer feedback and insight on Twitter and Facebook. Establish your credibility, offer your expertise and make yourself reachable by participating in discussions on Reddit, Quora and LinkedIn. Be strategic about your social-media profiles and always look for opportunities to build your brand and spread your message.
Traditional social networking tends to be a mishmash of everything. Users see cat videos mixed with pictures of friends’ lunches, as well as links to new products from their favorite brands. benefits of social media marketing All of this can come across as “noise” to the average user, many of whom really would rather have a site that caters to his or her individual interests. Sulia’s content is segmented by topic to make it easy for users to connect with the networks they want. Members can choose from various channels, such as politics, arts and entertainment, sports or business.Users serve as content curators, posting photos, links to interesting stories, etc., to engage other members. When a user sees an interesting post, he can choose to like it, comment on it or share it on Facebook. Over time, Sulia users earn “trust” ratings, granted by other people on the site, that help their posts to be taken more seriously.

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