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Facebook Post Ideas For Small Business Owners

In a rut when it comes to knowing what to post on Facebook? You are not alone. real estate social media marketing I have seen many small businesses owners get hung up on posting the same type of content over and over again…whether they are working or not. This post will give you 17 killer Facebook post ideas for small business owners that WILL work, by generating lots of likes, shares and comments, as well as increased clicks through to your website. Everyone loves a good contest! And there are a ton of great contest apps out there that you can use to run your contest AND grab emails to add to your list as well! There’s nothing like a good twofer, right? I use Heyo and have had great success when using their app to run my contests, promotions and special offers! There are also other apps available like TabSite and ShortStack. You can also run Facebook contests directly on your fan page. If you follow me on Facebook, you know this is a strategy I use every single day! There is so much negativity in the world (and on Facebook). I am not exactly sure what it is about fill in the blank posts, but people just love them! You can rephrase just about any question as a fill in the blank, and they often receive more engagement than basic questions.Give your fans the opportunity to share a link to their website or Facebook Page; not only do they get the chance to showcase their business or products, but they can meet new people and make new connections.I choose to encourage and inspire my fans by posting inspirational or motivational quotes and images. This works with every client we have ever had, by the way!
Illegal immigration is a hotly contested, provacative issue in the U.S. And, NumbersUSA, which is dedicated to limiting that immigration, uses provocative Facebook posts to resonate with its fans. social media marketing blogs They publish updates – including pictures – like many other pages. They ask their fans to like and comment on their posts, like many other pages. They link to outside sources, like many other pages. But they play on the emotions of their fans in a way many other pages don’t. And in politics, that’s effective. Their tactics range from citing dramatic, often controversial quotes from political rivals, to invoking popular fears.Whatever side of the immigration spectrum you’re on, NumbersUSA’s page is one to study. Their fan count – in the millions – proves they know something or two about getting page likes. Les soins par les plantes is a non-profit that advocates plant-based remedies for common medical problems – like upset stomach and insomnia. It also promotes their use in boosting our natural immune defenses.It’s an interesting niche. They don’t actually sell anything; they just encourage alternative treatments. And that’s why their Facebook posting strategy is so effective. They actually post those treatments, so their fans can try them at home. It’s a great way to market a concept. Holding contests on Facebook is a strategy that works, and works reliably. Monkey Town Helmond, a small indoor playground, told its fans to recommend people who deserved a free ticket. Predictably, engagement was high.

Share the results of your poll

Use an image to promote the discount, if possible. These are better for grabbing the attention of your fans and for getting more shares. social media marketing chicago Team up with a business that offers a complimentary product or service, and help cross-promote each other. Tag each other in Facebook status posts, recommend that your fans ‘like’ each other’s Pages, or simply share each other’s content. Not only did their fans interact with the page, they also interacted with each other. It made the brand-customer relationship stronger, too, by fostering these new friendships. Safety 1st Australia creates and sells products designed to make life safer for children. Its brand revolves entirely around that mission.What makes the Safety 1st Australia Facebook page so effective, then, is how well it adheres to that brand identity. It promotes a few of its products, sure, but it also posts tips – related to the products or not – for reducing the risks children face in the home, the car, or anywhere else. The tips aren’t just symbolic, either. They’re practical and actionable – the kind of posts mothers forward to their friends.By publishing content like that, the company gives itself more authority over something that would otherwise be more abstract or at least very broad – child safety. It’s simply good branding. That means, as a culture, motorcycles are more insular. Authenticity matters. It’s one of the many reasons Harley-Davidson bikes are the de facto standard of most American outlaw motorcycle gangs. The company has been around a long time and proven itself over and over again.
I see many business owners posting links to their blog posts, without including any additional context. social media brand marketing When sharing a blog post, be sure to include a backstory or short excerpt from the post so your fans know what to expect when they click on the link. Motorcycles have a degree of exclusivity. They carry more risk – and generally more excitement – than cars. They represent freedom, rebellion, and a devil-may-care edginess. Many people simply won’t ride one. Even though motorcycle accessory sellers aren’t subject to quite the same scrutiny, being “one of us” certainly helps. That’s why MAXXESS FRANCE’s posts on Facebook range from motorcycle humor to lurid crash videos. It encompasses as much of the riding experience as it can, so it can be part of a community that often buys within the community. And MAXXESS FRANCE has done a very good job of that. Heelbook isn’t a very serious brand. It sells humorous t-shirts based on professional wrestling.Most of the time, its customers aren’t exceptionally interested in fashion. They’re professional wrestling fans and they enjoy a good laugh – especially when it relates to a joke only they can fully appreciate. Heelbook could talk about what’s happening in professional wrestling on Facebook – who’s winning, who’s losing. It could be more serious. But the shirts – the product they’re selling – just aren’t.So, Heelbook posts jokes instead. Some of them are on their shirts. Admittedly, there is a bit of selling here. But, mostly, it’s just a little irreverence every few days. And that casual, insider humor is just what the value proposition of their shirts happens to be.

Call-to-Action Buttons for Pages

According to Facebook: “Designed to bring a business’s most important objective to the forefront of its Facebook presence, cost of social media marketing call-to-action buttons link to any destination on or off Facebook that aligns with a business’s goals.I’m betting businesses will agree that there’s nothing negative about this update. The call-to-action button allows a business to put a small ad right on their cover photo. Currently the call-to-action button has seven options; Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Video. While there are a few other buttons we’d like to see on here, like ones that benefit non-profits, this is a great start. You simply choose your call-to-action button and then you can select a destination for where someone is taken when they click on the button. Facebook is also tracking the CTA clicks and showcasing them in the “This Week” bar located to the right of the cover image. We recommend linking to a custom landing page where you can further track your users actions.That’s why it makes sense that Fully Feline published several posts about the arrival of the new year, tying most back to their brand with a few pictures of kittens. All of them were unusually engaging – even if they said more or less the same thing.It’s well-known that restaurants and bars should be on Facebook. Bar and club owners appreciate this advice the most, as they’re competing less on product and more on experience; and there’s no finer way to prove you can show a good time than by inviting your patrons to post their pictures on your page.
But you don’t have to wait for opening night to begin marketing on Facebook. define social media marketing You don’t even have to wait until your building is finished. Bathers Beach House started talking about their place while it was still a pile of lumber. They documented the construction process and drove customer interest along the way. Memrise sells educational courses on a variety of subjects, but it’s known for its language courses the most. What’s more, the company also has a quirky, unconventional branding. The learning process they built is, itself, unconventional.That’s why their Facebook strategy works so well. They talk quite a bit about language – tricks, hacks, jokes, and more, and it gives their fans confidence that the people at Memrise know what they’re doing. But, there’s an almost joking tone in much of their content. It’s a little irreverent, a little playful. Facebook made this behind-the-scenes look – complete with owner-customer interaction – possible. You simply couldn’t do this on a website or in the comments section of a blog post. Rady tipy nápady is a partner of Kitchen and Living. It centers on the same design, culinary, and lifestyle concepts that Kitchen and Living is known for. In marketing terms, it’s a brand community. Rady tipy nápady brings an otherwise disparate customer base together, to build a stronger a relationship with them – one that revolves around the community, and by extension the larger company (Kitchen and Living).They do a few things particularly well in that community, too.

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