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Facebook Marketing Hacks: Tips & Tricks To Grow Your Audience

Facebook frequently makes changes to its News Feed algorithm, making organic reach a bit more challenging for brands. Of course, disadvantages of social media marketing it’s only natural for Facebook to enhance its platform to ensure the most relevant content gets to the right people, but that also means marketers need to adapt alongside it. In other words, they need to get scrappy. To that aim, we asked our community—you—for the best Facebook hacks that make managing your workflow and growing your audience a little less taxing. From organic to paid, here are the top tips and tricks from you and your peers. Facebook Ads are a great way to connect with your audience quickly. If you haven’t started exploring Facebook advertising, now is the time start. Once you’re set up, keep your ads as conversational as possible (credit to tipper Gerry Graf, Founder/Chief Creative Officer of Barton F. Graf 9000, agrees with this approach, touting the power of authenticity.Whenever a company or brand speaks, we’ve all been trained from growing up in front of the TV to tune out the message,” Graf told Facebook. “We block out ad speak. Anytime I’m doing an ad, I like to think the way humans speak. When you’re talking that way, peoples’ defenses are lowered. They know you’re not just totally full of crap. At Sprout Social, we often pose questions to generate greater engagement.And those are 23 of the best Facebook pages of 2015, with actionable takeaways your brand can use.
While we covered a wide range of tactics, you probably noticed a few repeats. You should have; it’s important. Many, such as community-building and fan-tagging, produce results across most industries.hotel social media marketing You can mix and match, too. Do whatever works for your page, and be sure to keep tabs on it, as well, so you actually know what’s performing and what’s not. Check out Facebook Audience Insights for your type of customer. This tool is located in the Ad Manager. Learn who your fans, prospects and customers really are. I’ll bet at least one thing surprises you. If you don’t have enough fans to see other likes, choose your biggest competitor, or an interest in your niche instead.Don’t bring up a bad thing unless your offering fixes THAT problem. Or unless your specific audience likes warnings (e.g. bad weather) or being negative. In which case, your bad posts will get a LOT of likes. If they don’t, you don’t have that kind of audience.Use happy positive faces that are close-up enough for us to read their expressions. Avoid bland stock photography. Even if you have to take your own photos, find something authentic. Animals work. Even people who hate kids love animals. Yes, you can definitely make an animal relevant to your brand and yes people will love it. Yes, even in B2B. They’re still human beings. Open your mind and try it.Cute works. Kids, animals, Ann Handley, etc.Dogs always win. Pugs and labs are some of people’s favorites. This is the cutest dog on the planet.

Optimize Images With the Right Fonts

Using imagery in your Facebook posts is a good way to increase engagement. But “how about using a good mixture of fonts on the brand message pic?” atlanta social media marketing suggested tipper socialzyka. This trick can help you determine what visual tone resonates best with your target audience. To get started, consider this list of the most popular web fonts (backed by data).Also, if you want to avoid breaking the bank—and who doesn’t?—here’s a list of free web fonts as well as some graphic design tips for social media.Are your images showing up blurry on Facebook? Sprout’s Darryl Villacorta offers a Facebook hack that will keep those images crystal clear every time.“When creating an image in Photoshop, make sure your DPI is set to 300,” Villacorta said. “When your masterpiece is finished, be sure to flatten the image. Hold on, you’re not done yet! Open a NEW document with identical dimensions and settings. Navigate to your original document, and drag over the flattened image to the new document window. Once you’ve aligned everything, be sure to saves it as a PNG file and for web and devices.If you need to know all the Facebook image sizes, or are having trouble with sizing images across other channels, refer to our social media image sizes guide. Try something w/e/i/r/d. At the very least you’ll stand out.Write content about mistakes people make in your niche- if you want to boost conversions.Be brief, simple and clear. Try Hemingwayapp.Test everything. Test posts, ads, images, cover photos and landing pages. I even split-test my blog post titles.
Capitalize on the big winner. Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. how to do social media marketing Learn from what did and didn’t work, and come up with new ideas that are more like what worked and less like what didn’t.Learn from what your customers like. What they like is in Audience Insights and how they respond to your posts and ads.Keep testing new ideas. Don’t give up. Don’t settle for what’s the best right now. Shorten your funnel. Try to take out a step or two. Make it easier for your customers. Think about whether your customers public and private faces are different. Serve the public one with public posts. Try dark posts (posts not posted publicly on your FB page- but using ads to target them to specific people) and emails for the private ones. Test multiple ways to say the same thing. Try more than one way to express it. Use science to test diverse language. Include links in posts to get website traffic. (But when it comes to ads, this is not the most affordable way to get website traffic- read this). Include a call to action to get them to do something. Like, “Hey, subscribe to my podcast, it’ll make you a better marketer, better business person, and you’ll smell better too!”Track which Facebook posts work and don’t work. Figure out why you think they work or don’t. Develop your theories and test them with your next set of posts. This is one reason not to create a whole month of FB posts at one time.

Target Locations & Languages With Organic Posts

Did you know it’s possible to target audiences by location and language—at absolutely no cost at all? Give people something to look forward to on a weekly or biweekly basis. social media marketing trendsA series of posts will build momentum and create awareness around your brand .With digital marketing, it’s important to test everything you can. Facebook is no exception. So if you want performance feedback from your Facebook posts, try turning some into Facebook Ads.You don’t need to a big budget for this either. Craig Glaser advocates using as little as $1 to boost your posts to a larger audience. “If a post is not gaining much traction after 24 hours, boost it for $1 for 24 hours,” Glaser said. “It’ll give it a turbo boost and send it sky rocketing for minimal cost. An easy way to spread your reach is to tag other people or brands within your Facebook posts. Thanks to a recent Facebook News Feed algorithm update, tagging another Page improves your chances of reaching that audience as well. Just make sure you have a reason for tagging another Page, otherwise it seems forced (credit to tippers . Their fans see it and act on it, and their friends see it and do the same.It’s the kind of exposure you can’t get from a display ad. Nobody shares those. First, it doesn’t give you time to learn from the current month before scheduling new posts, and second you’ll get smarter every week, but your posts will be up to 4 weeks dumber than you are now.Create coaching and cheerleading posts. Motivate people, and echo their values, beliefs and likes.
Paintball isn’t a popular sport. It’s definitely niche. Most of those who play aren’t regulars, either; they do it to celebrate a birthday or bachelor party, social media marketing new york to build teamwork with their co-workers, or for something else altogether. That means it’ll be harder to appeal to these customers on price. You have to sell them, instead, on the sport itself. This paintball club addressed that problem by posting a few pictures of their customers after a match. Of course, it threw in the occasional promotional offer and competition video too, but most of the content revolved around post-game camaraderie. They even talk specifics on things like corporate retreats. It helps brand the club as something more than a war games kind of thing. And the conversations on their page between the players in those pictures helps a lot with that. Although branding is important, as well as community building, many of your fans are simply there for a discount or two. It’s good to remember that. And while it may not be your primary Facebook content strategy, and though it may be even contrary to your business model, that expectation will always be there to a degree.Thankfully, if you’re okay with discounts, Facebook is a great place to give them. Heidi Liebt focuses on major price breaks. They don’t waste their time with minor cuts here and there – nobody is going to comment and share those, let alone care. But when they offer 75% off in an end-of-season sale, they get a good response.

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