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Helpful Tips for Marketing on Twitter

Marketing on Twitter is essential for oh so many businesses and individuals, yet there are almost always room for improvement when it comes to marketing. I’ve compiled some tips for both starters and advanced users. social media marketing software Be sure to improve your efforts!No, not everyone but you should be definitely seeking a healthy following:follower ratio. You should follow back those who’s bio and recent tweet suggest you have something in common with them. WHY? To establish connections and make a good first impression. There’s something weird about having 10,000 followers and only 3 who you follow.There is no point having tens of thousand followers yet none of them are interested in what you have to say. This is why I suggest you stop adding people at random. Yeah, big numbers look great but don’t get carried away. Use a profile picture unless you really are an egg, of course. The best bet is to use your business logo or if you’re posting as an individual, a portrait picture of yourself will do the trick.Twitter is already in the process of launching a new re-design, regardless the point stays the same. You should be cleverly using the background space. Mashable‘s custom background is a great example of what you should be aiming for.Posting links to your puppy pictures is cute and all but unless it has something of value, it’s considered spam. Stay on topic!You have only a few characters to draw attention and make people click on your content. Using a distinctive headline will make the users undestand what they’re getting when clicking on your content.
Use call-to-actions while tweeting. Call-to-actions make people act and this is what you want your followers to do. “Please retweet”, “click”, “read” – these are just a few of the call-to-actions that you should be posting. how to use social media for marketing Fill in your Twitter profile completely. You’d be amazed at the amount of people who don’t put any effort into this. You have about three seconds when people check you out so make sure you write it well.Have a good icon or image. Photos work best for a personal feed. Professional shots are best of all.Include a link to your website or blog. This is VITAL if you want to be trusted on Twitter.Find people to follow. Connect with others who you find interesting, people you know, clients, organisations you rate, authors, commentators in your field or journalists you admire. What type of Tweets do you respond to best?Follow back. If people follow you and they look interesting, follow them back and see what they’ve got to say.Be polite. Thank your new followers, acknowledge those who mention you or ‘retweet’ your posts.RT, DM? Get up to speed with Twitter lingo. Learn from Twitter’s glossary.Stay on message, most of the time. What do you want to be known for? Put thought into what you want to talk about. What’s the “red line” that runs through all that you do? Have an opinion. A strong theme to your Tweets really helps.Write for your particular clients and customers. What do they want to know? What do they ask you? Educate, inform and entertain them. That’s the point.Share valuable content.

Ask questions to engage your followers

A bakery shop could ask “what’s your favorite pie flavor?” and a social media marketing company could ask their followers about social media tool preferences. social media marketing courses The key thing is to make sure the questions you’re asking are related to the interests of your followers. Moreover, incorporate questions, call-to-actions and suggestions with your article headlines and try to spur some interaction.Post information you think they’d find useful or interesting – links to articles or video, share quotes, relevant news, books you’ve read, opinions, tips.Make sure it’s not all about you. Me, me, me is seriously off-putting.Use shortened links rather than full blown URLs. Bit.ly is good for this.on’t sell. This is not the place for a stream of high-pressure sales messages. Think of it as an online networking event, if you like that sort of thing. Promote your services occasionally but this should not be the main event. Far too many people get this wrong.“Curate” good content. Share posts and articles by others that you think your readers will find valuable or back up your approach.Engage. Talk to people directly by using theirname. You’ll be surprised by the depth of relationships you can create here.Ask questions. You can learn a lot from your followers (we’ve learned loads!). It’s incredible how supportive and useful this platform can be.Tell them a bit about you. What are you up to? What’s news? Your choice about how much personal information you feel comfortable to share. You’ve got to find a voice that feels right for you.Recommend others you rate and say why. Twitter is a trusted referral engine.
Cross–reference tweet times from your Tweriod report with the time zone where you have the most followers to find the best times to tweet.Remember, social media marketing b2b the life span of a tweet is short, so the best way to catch your followers is to tweet when they’re online. Recommend suppliers, clients, commentators, friends, other Tweeters.Organise your connections into lists. This will make it much easier for you as your Twitter connections build, and enables you to check into conversation on a particular subject.Show up regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day (although that helps). Consistency is all. Check what people are saying about you often and reply promptly.Twitter Analytics allows you to see which of your tweets got the best engagement. After you identify your top tweets, try to determine which individual elements you included in them. This is one of the most effective ways to step up your Twitter marketing.To do this, go to Twitter Analytics and click Tweets at the top of the page. Then click Top Tweets to see your most popular tweets for the period. Your tweets with the highest engagement rate are clearly working for you, so review them and see what they have in common.Also reverse-engineer other people’s tweets that have high retweets and likes. Dissect the elements of the tweets and create similar tweets for your own Twitter account.To find material to retweet from people you trust, create Twitter lists for different niches.

Write a bio that describes who you are

You have 160 characters to tell the story about who you are, what you’re doing and why should anyone follow you.If you’re an individual who’s tweeting, use your real name. social media marketing for small business If you’re sticking to just an username such as rockstar998 you will be not found on the search engines while searching for your real name. Stop posting automated messages. Most of us consider them spam. Moreover, not many people check their private messages – mostly because it’s filled with spam. Get it? Use Twitter tools! Tools make your life easier (duh) and also open up some new possibilities such as tweet scheduling, keyword monitoring, follower analysis, etc. These tools include HootSuite, FollowerWonk, timely, TwitterCounter, etc. I’ll be writing an in-depth post dedicated for Twitter tools later this week.Monitor what’s being said about you, your brand and the topics of interest. Your aim is to find conversations, jump in and contribute. You can do this easily with Twitter Advanced Search functions that can be streamlined to a third party application such as HootSuite. More about monitoring and Twitter Advanced Search in my next post. Don’t just hit the RT button. Add a few words about why you retweeted such as “great post” or “I agree completely”. Unpublic tweets are not getting indexed by the Search Engines. Also, Twitter is a social media site and social media is all about communication, not hiding what you’re trying to communicate. The purpose of public tweets is also to give your potential followers some insight into what you’ve been tweeting about in order to make a decision whether they should start following you or not.
In order to clearly understand how your tweeting efforts are effecting your website’s analytics, you need to tag the links social media marketing job description that are directing back to content on your own site. Read more about tagging social media links in our post here.Aggregate and create content about your industry that people are interested in, don’t just plainly promote new campaigns and sales. For example, if you’re marketing a task management software, you could be talking about time efficiency and productivity. Now share your knowledge with the rest of the world. When compiling lists, first look at the accounts through the eyes of your target audience. Find people who share valuable content that your audience is likely to retweet. Then add these accounts to your Twitter list. Also, if you run events, create lists of speakers and attendees. This is helpful when you retweet content from influencers and friends closer to your event. Plus, if you run a blog or podcast, make a list of interview guests and contributors.Note: Lists are also a great way to discover powerful tweets from other users to reverse-engineer. If you take a few extra moments to incorporate one or two of these tips for each tweet, you’ll vastly increase the reach of your tweets. Not only will your tweets go farther initially, but they’ll also get shared more and their visibility will extend well beyond your initial sphere of influence.Ultimately, writing better tweets will help you build authority in your area of expertise, and improve the reach of your tweets even more.

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