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This Twitter Marketing resource introduces you to the best Twitter tips and Twitter How tos… period.Each chapter contains several links to hand-picked blog posts that improve your Twitter skills, social media marketing packages gain more followers, and show you how to get more traffic with social media.This will be a living resource, so bookmark this page. Twitter is a microblogging platform that allows you publish Tweets that are 140 characters or less.nd you can either use it to broadcast interesting information… or you could use it to talk to specific people.I’ll go over both…Twitter as Broadcasting PlatformYou can share anything on Twitter from what you’re doing right now to a cool article you just stumbled upon…that’s not the point.Nobody cares what you’re doing right now. We’d like to think they do, but they don’t.People only care about themselves. And if you’re going to share something on Twitter, it’s BEST to think about who follows you… and what THEY care about.Plus, if you do this right, this is one of the BEST ways to get more Twitter followers. It’s not a link. It’s part inspirational, part informational. And people liked it which is why they shared it.And if you dig a little deeper…Much of what I share on Twitter is about just that… starting and growing a business.Yes, I’m interested in it. But I also know the people who follow me are – and that’s why I share it.It’s never about me. It’s about the people who follow me. So, if you’re new to Twitter, remember this: even if you don’t have people following you yet, it’s always about the people who you want to follow you. Don’t share things about yourself. Share things that people want to see.
Every article you read online about social media analytics seem to discuss a new social media metric you should be tracking. social media marketing proposal Identify which social media metric(s) suits your business’s unique needs in this blog post—it goes over examples of social media goals and which social media metrics you should measure to report on those goals.Tracking retweets and likes is no longer enough to give you sufficient data about engagement. Remember that link you included in your post to drive people back to your website? Well, when you use URL shorteners, you’re provided with a trackable URL, so you can measure the success of that social media post in driving traffic to your website. Learn about what are URL shorteners and get answers to frequently asked questions about them in this blog post about URL shorteners.You’ve probably seen people use a hashtag with every word in their Tweet, or dedicate a separate Instagram comment to include hashtags. But that doesn’t mean that’s the right way to use hashtags. Educate yourself on the do’s and don’ts of how to use hashtags in this blog post that goes over the fundamentals of hashtags.Getting organized and figuring out a social media content schedule is imperative to your social media success. By using a social media content calendar you’re able to figure out a social media content schedule that works for your business. Not sure where to start when it comes to creating a content calendar? This blog post goes over how to create a social media content calendar and the benefits of having one for your business.

Track mentions -- and respond if appropriate

Track brand mentions and keywords to make sure [you know what's being said about you]," says Vikram Bhaskaran, director of marketing at Freshdesk, a customer support Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. social media marketing for dummies And be sure to respond in a polite, professional manner if appropriate. "After all, customer service is the new marketing!" And many customers now post their product queries and complaints on Twitter.Set up Twitter searches for terms relevant to your brand," adds Ginger Geoffery, director, Social Marketing, The Mac Groups, a social media agency.Don't be afraid to retweet as this will help link you with and cement your own thought leadership within your industry," says Mark Rushworth, head of Search at Blue Logic Web, a Web services provider.Many people don't know about favoriting tweets, but it can get someone's attention more than a retweet or a mention," says Amy Marshall, COO, Fathom, a digital marketing and analytics agency.Once you know what Twitter is and how it works, these 7 resources will show you how to use Twitter the right way. You will learn what other Tweeple do and how to get your followers to click your links."Monitor the conversations in that search and jump in to the conversations when appropriate," Geoffery she says. "For example, say you're a dentist in Buffalo. You could set up a search for the term 'dentist Buffalo.'" Then, when "you then see someone in Buffalo tweet 'I need to go to the dentist but it's so hard to get an appointment,' you could jump in and [tweet], 'We'd love to have you as a new patient
Using social media advertising to expand your social media reach is an opportunity that any business should take. Investing in social media ads should be an integral part of your social media strategy. social media marketing definition However, knowing how to use social media ads effectively is something everyone should take the time to learn before investing a hefty budget into advertising. This beginner’s guide to social media advertising will provide you insight into the different advertising opportunities available on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon.If you’ve made it down to this last tip, congrats! We’ve talked about various social media marketing tips; now, to provide you with a final takeaway, download these 6 social media templates to help boost your social media presence and save you valuable time and effort.So, you know how to use Twitter and you know how to create high-impact tweets, but no one is listening. Here are 9 resources that show you how to gain Twitter followers and how to lose Twitter followers. I highly recommend you check out how Kevin Rose increased his Twitter Followers.Here is where several bloggers talk specifics. You will learn how to increase your RSS subscribers and Blog readers via Twitter. Additionally, you will learn why specific types of bloggers, like lifestyle and business bloggers, use Twitter and how they do it.This is the one-stop source for all Twitter resources that relate specifically to business. You will learn how people acquire customers and grow their business using Twitter.

Offer discounts or special deals to Twitter followers

un Twitter contests such as: 'The next 50 people that retweet me will receive a coupon for 50 percent off, social media marketing firm or have people post pictures of themselves in the store or using the product and do a random drawing," suggests Marshall.Look at the trending topics and hashtags and find a way to make a relevant connection to your brand," says Crystal Cantabrana, director of Operations, Grizzly Group LLC, which provides social marketing solutions. "By putting your business among the trending topics, your handle will be seen when people search tweets regarding that particular hashtag.Tagging our posts with one or two relevant and trending hashtags has [helped us] to reach new users," says David M. Burrows, vice president of marketing & PR, Cinsay , an online video commerce company. However, "hashtags should be used sparingly, as they can be seen as 'Twitter spam' when over used or attached to irrelevant content.Where there are people, there will be marketers looking to market to them. Twitter has lots of people and here is how you can market to them the right way. You will learn how to go viral and how to build your brand.With Twitter No Following all their outgoing links, are there still SEO Benefits? These 6 articles will help you learn just how it works.So, I talked about Blogging, Marketing, SEO, and Business. Here are more ways you can use Twitter. Some highlights include, Twitter for Journalism, Twitter for Career Advancement, and Twitter for Recruiting.
This is the most important chapter. Once you learn all the tips and tricks of Twitter, here are some real world examples of how companies and people use it. social media marketing firms If you know of more case studies, please tweet me as I would like to build this out substantially.These Twitter Tips are just a bonus and don’t fall into any of the above categories. It’s hard to establish yourself as a one-stop-site for something as broad as a city, especially when it’s a major one like Chicago. But DNAinfo.com Chicago is doing a wonderful job of it.Most of it comes from the variety of their posts. They go after major stories, the ones that nearly every Chicagoan will have heard and be affected by, but they also post smaller too. There’s city-wide posts and posts relating to specific neighborhoods. From cultural events, to crime, to sports victories, to restaurant grand openings, their Facebook page has an impressive breadth of content. It appeals to as many Chicagoans as possible, and that’s why so many of them become fans. Club Mavi, a hotel in Turkey, is a nice hotel but not a major, internationally recognized one. It won’t get fans just for existing; it won’t even always get everyone who stays there to like the page. Brand awareness is a concern. And that’s why Club Mavi puts its logo on nearly all of the pictures it uploads. When their fans interact with those pictures and their friends see those interactions, they’ll at least get to see the Club Mavi brand.

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