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Ways to Use Twitter to Market Your Business

At the time of its SEC filing in early November 2013, Twitter had more than 232 million active monthly users, 53 million of which were in the United States. social media marketing books That makes Twitter a potentially powerful marketing tool if you know how to use it. So how can you leverage the popular 140-character social media site to drive more traffic to your business or website? Dozens of Twitter experts, marketing pros and business leaders who have used Twitter to market their brands, products and services share their top 14 tips for how to successfully market your business on Twitter or employ Twitter as a marketing tool. Make sure your company identity and voice are branded well," says Jon Ferrera, CEO, Nimble, a provider of social CRM. That means having a bio that tells people who you are and includes a link to your company website or a landing page and having "a consistent tone so that people clearly understand who you are and what you do."Use Twitter search or a tool like Topsy [or Followerwonk] to find like-minded prospects, customers and influencers/media by searching keywords that relate to your industry," says Stacey Miller, social media manager at cloud marketing provider Vocus. Then follow and interact with them on a regular (daily) basis."Make a list of the 100 most influential people in your space journalists, thought leaders, potential clients/customers, big-name bloggers and writers, potential partners, etc.," says Shanelle Mullin, the director of Marketing at Onboardly, a provider of PR and content marketing for startups.
Add them to a private Twitter list and engage with them daily. (Tools like HootSuite make managing this process much easier.)" And remember to "be casual [and helpful], not promotional," Mullin says.social media in marketing "Build a real relationship and then look for opportunities to collaborate.The first people to help build your brand should come internally," says Amanda Cohen, marketing coordinator, Homescout Realty. "Make sure your coworkers are following you on Twitter and tweeting, retweeting, engaging, etc.Regular tweeting is a sign of an active, healthy profile," says Sandra Fathi, founder & president, Affect, a public relations and social media firm. "If you only tweet once a week, or once a month, you aren't keeping up with the Joneses [or the Twitter equivalent]. Worse, folks will forget about you,I recommend daily postings and engagement so that you are top of mind on a consistent basis," Fathi says. Just be sure you are tweeting relevant or useful information, content your followers will read, click on, retweet and/or favorite.Ask followers to retweet, mention or favorite your tweets -- or to share content with a fresh tweet.Get visual," says John Lee, manager, Brand + Social Marketing, Webtrends, a digital marketing solutions provider. "Photos and videos drive three to four more clicks on Twitter.Images, videos and other rich media have proven to receive more views, clicks and shares than plain text tweets," says Marko Muellner, vice president, Marketing, ShopIgniter, a social performance marketing platform.

Make sure Twitter is integrated with your other marketing efforts

While community managers may be doing a great job engaging followers, a banal post about enjoying the weekend is much less effective than rich, in-stream content in which someone can, small business social media marketing for example, view a film trailer and find out where the movie is playing in their neighborhood," Muellner says. "In fact, research shows that rich tweets have significantly lower negative feedback rates as consumers appreciate interactivity and content designed for their social mobile context. "Be sure to directly target your audience with Promoted Tweets," says Bryan Shaw, community manager at 3dcart, an ecommerce platform. "Failing to define exactly who you're trying to reach [could] cost you time and money. Just "be sure that your promoted tweets aren't spammy," says Aaron EndrĂ©, a marketing and PR expert helping B2B tech startups. "The goal is to provide value that establishes trust and credibility, not trick people into clicking a link." And "Keep it fresh," adds Alicia Antoniolli, account manager, Social, 3Q Digital, a digital marketing services provider. "Make sure your promoted tweets don't run for too long." If you want to continue to get that message across, find a slightly different way to say it. The former editor at Copyblogger, Morrow now runs a highly successful website, Boost Blog Traffic. A mix of his own blog content and curated content from other sources occupies Morrow’s Twitter feed and covers all the digital-marketing and social-media bases.
Twitter, like other social media platforms, is much more effective when integrated with your other marketing activities," says Mark Schmulen, general manager, social media marketing plan sample Social Media, Constant Contact, an engagement marketing company. "For example, if you're running a promotion or contest on Twitter, let your email subscribers know about it, as they are another customer base who have already let you know that they want to receive messages from you," he says. "Inversely, by occasionally tweeting out the link to your mailing list, you can also tap your Twitter base into your email content.Use Twitter's native analytics daily to get a grasp on what's resonating and what's not with your audience once you've built it," says Miller. "In the analytics dashboard, you'll be able to tell what your best days to tweet are, the types of content that are more favored and the demographics of the followers that you're attracting," she says. Then you can "replicate what's working and rework or reevaluate posts that aren't.A blogger and freelance writer, Hines knows a thing or two about content marketing. In addition to helpful content marketing tips, you will find her tweeting about productivity, social media and SEO.An entrepreneur that founded several software-as-a-service companies, Patel provides an abundant amount of information via his own blogs as well as valuable curated content. Shah co-founded multiple SaaS companies with Neil Patel. His Twitter feed is a source of excellent content, covering all digital-marketing formats.

Social Marketing Overview with Twitter

Social media platforms are constantly changing. I hope this article will provide you with an introduction, catch-up or refresher on social media marketing. marketing on social media I pulled together some social marketing tips for a presentation to WordPress website developers and designers at WordCamp Los Angeles (WCLAX) on September 27th. Several attendees asked for Twitter tips so that is my primary focus here. I decided to use the format I have used in this article instead of just sharing a set of slides, so that I could add some verbiage and give you links to articles I have written that further explain some of my points. All elements of this article are copyright Linda Sherman. Please include a link back to this article if you share it online. The images are watermarked, so you are welcome to share any of them so long as you leave the watermarks intact.We use MindJet MindManager mind maps with clients for everything from brain storming for 5 year business plans to website plans. If you see me at a conference, you will notice I am taking notes with maps. Maps are much easier for the right brain to absorb. There is more than one mapping software out there. We like this one. It is very easy to use with drop and drag and sections can be highlighted with color. Maps can be saved as PDF’s and shared with clients with live permalinks in the entries.The cobbler’s children have no shoes applies to many website developers and designers. We are so busy with clients that we put ourselves last. Take the time to review your own website.
As the content crafter at Buffer, Lee tweets a great deal about social media and content marketing. social media marketing campaign His content typically features a lot of posts filled with tips that are suitable for people of all skill levels. His company, Digital Marketer, has one of the best blogs I have seen in a while. His Twitter feed features videos and blog posts that discuss strategies for building email lists quickly and scaling business revenue via online marketing.The CEO of VaynerMedia and the host of the #AskGaryVee show, Vaynerchuk’s Twitter feed is a great way to stay up to date with the latest episodes of his show as well as reading the latest content from his blog and platforms that he contributes to, such as Medium.As the founder of pay-per-click management-software-company WordStream, Kim’s Twitter account is a great source of PPC information, naturally, but he also tweets a lot about social media and content marketing.Porterfield is all about growth, from social-media followers to prospects and profits. Give her a follow to have a constant flow of helpful content to engage with.As the president of Convince & Convert, a strategy-consulting firm, Baer’s Twitter is a source of relevant information covering everything digital marketing and social media.A small-business-marketing consultant, and the man behind the popular Duct Tap Marketing blog, Jantsch is a great person to follow on Twitter to keep your feed packed full of great online-marketing-related content.

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